Tesla Announced: Texas Factory Produced Its First Cybertruck!

Tesla shared a pleasing news today about the late-delayed design wonder Cybertruck vehicle. Here are the details!

Tesla shared exciting news today for Cybertruck, which it introduced in 2019 . In a tweet shared from the company’s Twitter account, the photo of the first Cybertruck vehicle produced in the Texas factory was shared.

At the launch, the company said that they expect to launch it in 2021. This process, which was prolonged with various disruptions, ended with this design wonderCybertruck, which was produced in the Texas factory.

First Cybertruck

Tesla Continues to Surprise

Tesla owner Elon Musk is quite ambitious for hisCybertruck vehicle. Cybertruck, which is expected to make limited production in the coming months, also plans to hold an event for pre-order. In his statement about the project in April, Musk used the phrase, “It takes time to put the production line in motion, and this is a really extraordinary product.”

Cybertruck, which looks very different from ordinary vehicles in terms of shape, reminds vehicles in games thanks to its stainless steel frame. The vehicle, in which many different techniques are used, includes complex production techniques that are not used in the production of classic cars. 

Tesla announced the price of Cybertuck, which it launched with a 2-year delay, as $39,900 for the single-engine model and $70,000 for the three-engine model in 2021. Tesla, which has not yet made a clear statement on the price, stated that it will consider the current state of the supply chain and economy when determining the price.

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