Ten Eyed Bridge, Diyarbakir

The Bridge with Ten Eyes is located in the south of Diyarbakır. The other name of the bridge with ten eyes is the Tigris Bridge. It is known that the bridge with ten eyes was built in the time of the Marwanids. It is known that it was built by Nizamüddevle Nasr, the ruler of the period. The Ten Eyed Bridge is three kilometers from the Mardin gate. It is known that the foundations of the bridge were laid before Islam. According to the structure and curves of the Tigris river, the ten closest bridges to Diyarbakır were built. It is known that the ten-eyed bridge was destroyed and rebuilt many times. For this reason, it is estimated that the foundations of the bridge were made of ancient soil. In addition, it is seen that the stones forming the foundation of the bridge are larger than the other stones in terms of structure. There is no other bridge in the vicinity to reach Diyarbakir district. For this reason, the bridge known as the ancient bridge in Diyarbakır is thought to be the Bridge with Ten Eyes.

What are the Features of the Ten-Eye Bridge?

Among the features of the Ten-Eyed Bridge, it is known that its length is 172 meters. Its width starting from the western region is 10 meters wide for the first five eyes. They continue to be 4 feet wide as the other eyes narrow. The bridge was closed to vehicles due to the restoration carried out in 2007. Among the features of the ten-eyed bridge, it is seen that the first five eyes and the last two eyes are made in the same equality. The three eyes in the middle of the bridge differ from the other eyes in terms of structure and angle. As can be understood from the structure and arrangements of the ten-section bridge, it is seen that it was arranged by pulling inwards in this way.

the ten eyes bridge

The distance between Ten Gözlü Bridge and Diyarbakır is eight kilometers. To go to the bridge, it is necessary to follow the Tigris river. Thus, the On Eyes Bridge sign can be followed from Diyarbakır Airport. Looking at the ancient history of the Ten-Eyed Bridge, there is evidence that it was built by Anastasias in the sixth century. It is known that the bridge was destroyed many times over time due to the siege of the city. The bridge, which was destroyed many times because there was no transition from different bridges to Diyarbakır, was restructured many times and presented to the public. The epitaph of the bridge with ten eyes is on the south side of the bridge. The first three are in your eyes. The lion head found in the inscription of the bridge, on the other hand, it is seen that there are relief lion figures facing right and left in the last lower parts of the inscription.

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