Taurus Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Taurus Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

What is the love compatibility of horoscopes? Which zodiac sign should marry which zodiac sign? Here is the compatibility of Taurus with other zodiac signs! Written by astrologer Murat İpek. Share your thoughts on the subject with us in the comments!

COMPATIBILITY of Taurus with other zodiac signs

ARIES: In a relationship, Aries can make Taurus nervous from time to time because Taurus wants a calm, serene situation while Aries can say get up and go. Patience required!

TAURUS: They can actually be a very compatible couple. Taurus understands Taurus very well and can get in the way of the relationship. However, they are likely to get bored because they both want the same thing.

GEMINI: It is very difficult to have a very harmonious relationship between these two signs. The expression “man of two different worlds” may have been used for this relationship.

CANCER: Combining the erotic nature of Taurus with the sticky sensuality of Cancer can create a passionate union. Taurus receives service and the other misses serving.

LEO: Both signs can fascinate each other. They both like to say I’m here and the brand is mine, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t object.

VIRGO: Taurus can actually get offended by Virgo’s direct speech from time to time, but if there is respect in the relationship, it can be a long-term union.

Taurus Compatibility

LIBRA: Their relationship may not last long if they do not show each other the necessary understanding in sensitive matters. But overall a pretty nice juxtaposition!

SCORPIO: A relationship model where opposite poles can be seen attracting each other. It may be possible for them to have a very long-term relationship.

SAGITTARIUS: A relationship where they will eventually devour each other. The only condition for them to be side by side is that one of them loves the other very, very much. Even that is difficult!

CAPRICORN: If a mutually patient relationship model is established, a pleasant union can begin. Their marriage will be like running a company. Boring in some places? Definitely yes.

AQUARIUS: Taurus wants possession, Aquarius is sometimes unfaithful to the bottom of freedom. It is not impossible, but it is a very difficult relationship model.

PISCES: The relationship expectation of Taurus and Pisces is not very compatible as they are very different from each other. It could be a short-lived love story.

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