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Is our sexual life affected by our zodiac signs? Some people’s souls are ready to serve at any moment, some do not love easily, some are open to all kinds of fantasies, some are too meticulous… Some are even harsh and ruthless… So what does your zodiac sign say? about your sexuality? Here is the sex life according to the zodiac…

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As in all areas of life, balance and harmony are very important for you in sex. In sex, you want to receive as much as you give. The people they will be with sexually should be well-groomed, good-looking and dressed in harmony. It is almost impossible to sleep with someone who is rough, sluggish, and has no aesthetic concerns. You can choose soft, gentle, romantic types instead of harsh and harsh behaviors. First of all, the environment in which you will have sex is very important to you. The ambiance, smell and appearance of the room where you will have sex, from the linens used in the bed to the color of the walls, will greatly affect the quality of the sex you will have. Since your waist area is sensitive, a massage with fragrant aromatic oils will help increase your libido. Instead of a very quiet environment, maybe making love in an environment with dim lighting, candlelight and light instrumental music will give you much more pleasure.


For you, sex is like drinking water and eating. You are ready to make love anytime, anywhere, in any way. You have a libido that spontaneously arises and becomes stronger without the need for any extra intervention. You can make a sexual message out of anything. Even the smallest detail is enough to get you excited. You can be happy only with a partner who can keep up with it, since you don’t know boundaries in sexual matters. You may even fall in love with such a person. Any boundaries you may encounter sexually can make you a little more aggressive. Unsuccessful sex can push you into depression. In sex, you can be a little harsh, even a little cruel. Sexually provocative clothing, underwear, toys, and even a little slang will be more than enough to boost your performance even more. Things that are considered taboo by the general public may be very normal and normal to you. In bed, you may like to dominate and control your every move.


You can also successfully carry your open and adventurous spirit to bed. It’s your very soul to try and explore different things with different people, rather than building a long-term relationship with just one person. You have no rules and restrictions on place and space. For you, sex is not planned and organized, on the contrary, it becomes much more exciting and fun if it is spontaneous when you do not know where and how to meet. Having fun in bed is your first condition. A possible setback will cause you to have more fun instead of losing your motivation. You can easily put your partner in a difficult situation because of your selfish attitudes in bed alone. You’re not the type to spend hours in bed. You can have a more result-oriented structure. It is just for you to try the techniques of different cultures and discover different and new excitements.


You’re not that hot about sex, you’re not qualified to blow up your partner. You can have more duty-conscious sex. You can have a sexual life far from emotions, cold, far from exaggerations, away from fantasies. You can see this area as a plain, plain and indispensable space that does not need unnecessary decorations and details. You also have rules and limits on matters related to sex. Not so many different places, places, sex is an action that should only be done in the bedroom for you. Especially since your legs are an erogenous zone, the massages and touches you will make in this area will provoke you much more. One-night stands are not for you because your privacy is very important. This can make you unhappy and lead you to depression. You need a regular partner, even if it’s just for sex. Even a further stage of this sign would be to wander like Mother Teresa. Because they don’t love anyone easily.


It’s a little difficult to share your sexuality with people you don’t know or have a social or emotional relationship with. You should have a short-term share or memories with the person you are going to sleep with. Still, sex and emotional issues are not for you. Sex is not an essential part of your life. But you are more interested in erotic subjects. Erotic movies, books, videos, pictures, maybe some virtual topics can be details that increase your libido. Chasing after someone is not quite your style. If sex comes your way and needs to be done, you do it and you pass. But sexual experiences in unusual places and places always catch your attention. Since you have an attachment problem, people who will call you after sex and establish an emotional bond will not be of interest to you. You can also try interesting places for sex. It doesn’t matter if it is an airplane, elevator, car, park, garden or construction site. Different places will attract your attention more.


The fantasy world is as vast as the fantasy world. Sensuality, passion, passion, compassion experience all these feelings together. In sex, you can experience not only physical pleasure or physical union, but also a spiritual experience. You are not in a position to serve, to establish authority and dominance, but to respond to your partner’s every need at any time. Especially massages that can be done on your neck and feet can increase your sexual performance even more. Emotions are very important to you. Emotionless sex is like making love on a wall. Romance is also very important to you. Buying roses or making love by candlelight can improve your sexual performance. Making love in water environments such as bathroom, bathtub, pool, sea, jacuzzi will help you enjoy the sound more.

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