Sex Lives of Zodiac Signs

Is our sexual life affected by our zodiac signs? Some people’s souls are ready to serve at any moment, some do not love easily, some are open to all kinds of fantasies, some are too meticulous… Some are even harsh and ruthless… So what does your zodiac sign say? about your sexuality? Here is the sex life according to the zodiac…


You can give your best performance when it is spontaneous and unrestricted. For you, sex is an emotion equivalent to conquest. First, it defines the person. Attack and catch the prey! After putting in so much effort on your own, you can be pretty selfish and quick in bed. You can think of yourself first and not leave much room for your partner. The foreplay episode can turn into an unnecessary and fast-paced detail. You are also more result oriented in sex. You can be aggressive, fast, enthusiastic, but you can’t stay in these feelings for long. Sexual touches are more exciting for you than romance. Erotic underwear can increase your libido even more. You may have a penchant for sadomasochism. She wants to be the leader in bed and keep control. Very receptive to sexual fantasies and sexual games. There is no time and place limitation. While they are sexually docile, you won’t spend a lot of time getting to the second round. You are open to all kinds of innovations in bed.


By sexually ‘touching and smelling’ these two will be very active in pushing your libido to its limits. Bad smell, non-shiny or pale skin cannot prepare you for this match. Instead of jumping from branch to branch about partner, a regular partner will be very important for you, even if it is just for sex. You find it much more appealing to discover the same person over and over with different aspects and different fantasies, rather than discovering different people each time. Although you are generally of a heavy-blooded nature, you are like a raging bull in bed. Soft touches in bed, a long foreplay, a massage to help increase libido, all of these will be enough to awaken your inner stallion. Especially underwater, pool, hammam, tub, in short, every area where cleanliness and naturalness will be very seductive for you. May use sexually stimulating foods. Chocolate, honey etc. You can color your fantasies with products. You may get a little late warning. But once warned, it can be hard to stop.


As in all areas of life, you exhibit an incredibly curious nature in bed. New positions, new tactics, new toys, new fantasies..etc. Especially after oral arguments, you can have your hottest sex. He believes in the power of words and you can use it in bed in a magnificent way. The words of love you will whisper in your partner’s ear will make your sex life much more colorful and exciting. Of course, before you can be sexually aroused, your mind must first be conquered. Someone who doesn’t appeal to your mind, no matter how attractive, will mean nothing to you. The flash of intelligence is one of the most important mechanisms that will ignite the fuse of your libido. You don’t like slurping or humming. She clearly states what she wants and that’s how she takes control in bed. Sameness, routine, and a sex life without surprises can make you depressed. Even having sex with the same person all the time can have the same effect.

Sex Lives

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A sex life filled with primitive impulses, emotionless and only fulfilling sensory needs can lead you to great unhappiness. For you, as in everything else, there will be an intense search for emotions in sexuality. Romantic touches, romantic words and emotional bonding are very important for you. Having sex in your own home, in your bedroom, in a place where you feel safe, is much more important than in ordinary and unfamiliar places. They are too sensitive to take the first step in sex and draw a somewhat introverted profile for fear of rejection. However, as soon as you manage to break their shells, you release the dragon inside. Especially the breasts and nipples can be your most erogenous zones. They are always willing and ready to do anything to make their partner happy, especially in bed. You can turn into a wolf during the Full Moon, especially since your ruling planet is the Moon.


You will want to be the king of the jungle in every way as in bed. Hearing how great and wonderful you are in bed will periodically help boost your libido even more. It will be very difficult to relate to someone as controlling and leadership as you in bed. Your partner should always be able to serve and obey you. Your performance in bed also depends on your success in business. If things don’t go the way you want in your business life, this will immediately affect your sex life. You may especially like the screen. Clothes that will show your decollete or the lines of your body, tight trousers are just for you. You are quite open to all kinds of fantasies and new experiences. Even if your ego and guru are not stroked, it will be incredibly helpful to bring out the true lion inside you. Your back area may be extra sensitive and massages to this area can increase your sexual performance much more.


Cleanliness and meticulousness are very important for you in all areas of life. Likewise with sex! First of all, your partner should be clean, scented with perfume or soap. Everything should be in moderation. Exaggerated behaviors, exaggerated sounds, fantasies can cause your motivation to decrease instead of increasing your libido. Serving your spouse in bed and ensuring his satisfaction may be your first duty, as your soul is always ready to serve. Although you are known as the sign of virgins in the language of astrology, you actually have a tremendous curiosity about sex. But you also have shyness. You can also bring your dislike and critical nature to bed. You don’t love anyone easily, you don’t let everyone in your bed. You can examine it very carefully. Even if you’re sexually good enough at technical things, sometimes you can skip the emotional side.

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