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Super Mario Bros. The Last Trailer of the Movie Has Been Released

Super Mario Bros. As the vision date of the movie approaches, the final trailer of the movie has been released. Details are here!

Super MarioBros. We are getting close to the release of the movie. Today, Nintendo and Illumination released what they say is the final trailer for the movie in which Chris Pratt plays the iconic plumber.

The trailer is more of an overview of what to expect from the movie, but it’s both a pretty dark introduction and a bit of action. There’s also a nice display of Mad Max-style combat in Rainbow Road.

We first got a glimpse of the movie last October (and heard Pratt play Mario for the first time), and since then Princess Peach (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), Toad (Keegan-Michael Key), and Donkey Kong (few Trailers have been released focusing on characters like Seth Rogen. The rest of the cast features Jack Black as Bowser and Charlie Day as Luigi.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. Final Trailer of the Movie

SuperMario Bros. Movie’s Voiceover

  • Chris Pratt (Mario)
  • Anya Taylor-Joy (Princess Peach)
  • Charlie Day (Luigi)
  • Jack Black (Bowser)
  • Keegan-Michael Key (Frog)
  • Seth Rogen (Donkey Kong)
  • Fred Armisen (Grumpy Kong)
  • Sebastian Maniscalco (Spike)

Super Mario Bros. when will the movie be released?

The release date of the movie has changed recently and the movie will be in theaters on April 5 instead of April 7.

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