Strange Rules Of The British Royal Family

Queen of England II. Elizabeth’s death became the world’s first agenda II, who died at the age of 96 While talking about the 10-day funeral after Elizabeth’s death, the interesting traditions of the British royal family came to the fore again. There are many strange rules, from royal women being required to wear hats to not touching family members.

Queen of England 27 years old Elizabeth died at the age of 96. The British royal family is among the most curious in the world. Queen II, who has been on the throne for nearly 70 years. Elizabeth and her family’s lifestyle and rules are among the subjects that are closely followed.

What Women Of The Royal Family Should Follow

Women of the royal family have to follow certain rules when sitting in public places. Royal women must sit with their legs crossed at the ankles or knees. Royal women are required to wear hats until 6 pm at certain events they attend. After this time, they should definitely use the crown. Women’s crowns should be placed on their heads by calculating even their angles. And of course the crown isn’t for everyone, just for married women.

You Can’t Touch The Royal Family

Members of the royal family are required to speak several foreign languages ​​well. You can never touch a royal family member. Even if members of the royal family are husband and wife, touching and hugging each other at the ball is not very welcome. Royal children must wear tailored shorts up to a certain age.

British royal family

They Carry Funeral Clothes With Them

If a royal family member is going on any official trip, they always carry a funeral outfit with them. The reason for this is the necessity of attending sudden death and funeral ceremonies that may occur where he goes.

Heirs To The Throne Cannot Travel On The Same Plane

Two heirs to the throne can never travel on the same plane. Royal women are not allowed to wear dark nail polish. But they can use very light or tan nail polish or nail polish. Female members of the royal family are also required to wear thick stockings on official occasions.

There Are Rules When Drinking Coffee And Tea

Family members also have to follow certain rules when drinking coffee or tea. Especially when holding the glass. The rule to follow is as follows: The handle of the glass will be held with the thumb and forefinger and the middle finger will be used to support the glass from the bottom.

British royal family

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