Storm Knocked Down Trees in Kutahya

Hundreds of pine trees fell and communication lines were damaged in the storm that was effective near the Lutfiye Village of Kutahya‘s center. Village headman Rasim Altintas said, “If he had come to our village, he would have completely removed it. We have never seen such a thing since our childhood. It is the first time that this happens. There was a big noise mixed with hail and wind. We could not get out of the house. It was a disaster.”

The strong wind and downpour that was effective in the 50-household village of Lutfiye, 40 kilometers from the city center of Kutahya, paralyzed daily life. Hundreds of trees fell and communication lines were damaged in the strong wind in the forest on the Turkmen Mountain, at an altitude of 1400, close to the village. The villagers, who went into the forest after the wind lost its effect, were surprised by the sight they saw. Villagers who took pictures of the trees here reported the situation to the Regional Directorate of Forestry.


The headman of Lutfiye Village, Rasim Altintas, said that the wind that was effective yesterday evening caused great destruction in the forest. Stating that they also had difficulty in communicating due to the broken cables, Altintas said, “We could not get out of our house in the village. The trees in the forest area were broken due to the strong wind. If it had come to our village, it would have completely removed it. We have never seen anything like this since our childhood. It is the first time. “We could not get out of the house. It was a disaster. The forest roads were closed, and we could not travel upstream,” he said.

‘If he came, he would have destroyed our village’

One of the villagers, Niyazi Demir (77), said that they were very upset when they saw the state of the trees. Describing that they had not experienced such an event before, Demir said, “The headman said, ‘There has been a disaster.’ “I didn’t see anything. The electricity went out, of course, we got a little worried. We wanted to call by phone, the lines were not working. The phones were also gone,” he said.

Mehmet Kara also examined the fallen and broken trees. Explaining that they experienced a great disaster, Kara said, “Yesterday we encountered a great wind. We heard its voice, then we came here. There was a great disaster here. I am 66 years old, I have not seen such a thing. God forbid, if it came to our village, it could have been destroyed.”

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