Kutahya City Guide

Kutahya City Guide

Kütahya is one of the most important industrial and agricultural centers of Turkey with world-famous reputation on tile art. Kütahya is a 5000 year old Anatolian city with historical and cultural richness. It was an important center during the time of Hittite, Phrygia, Lydia, Persia, Macedonia, Bithynia, the Kingdom of Pergamum, the Roman and Byzantine Empires, Seljuk and Ottoman Empires. Great Victory, the foundations of the Republic of Turkey has been gained in this town again. Kütahya, where transportation by air, road and rail is quite easy, has many historical and cultural heritage. The world’s largest ceramic, porcelain and glass industries are here, and 35 different precious metals are also extracted from this city. It is also an important spa center with the richest water resources in the world.

Check out the most comprehensive Kütahya city guide now. You will find the answers of many questions like “Places to see in Kütahya” or “How to get to Kütahya ?” in this guide.

City Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Districts

Postal Code

Area Code

GDP (Per Capita)




48 / km2

0,23 %

12.143 km2




15,119 $

Tavşanlı is the biggest district of Kütahya with more than 100.000 population. You can find important agricultural and industrial instutitions in many districts of the city. The districts of Kütahya are Simav, Tavşanlı, Gediz, Domaniç, Altıntaş, Emet, Hisarcık, Aslanapa, Şaphane, Çavdarhisar, Dumlupınar, Pazarlar. You will find detailed information for all districts of Kütahya in this guide.

Short History of Kütahya

The province of Kütahya, which has a history of 7000 years in terms of settlement history, also has a very rich cultural heritage belonging to the civilizations it hosts on its lands. Kütahya, which has advanced in monumental architecture and reflects the accumulation of Seljuks, Germiyanoğulları and Ottomans, has been an important science and culture center in every period of its history. Being the center of Anatolian Beylerbeylik and the city where the princes were governors, it is one of the internship places of the Ottoman throne. prince and craftsman He worked as a teacher. This situation enabled the palace culture to be experienced in Kütahya as well. Kütahya has provided great services to Anatolian culture with the people it has trained in every field. Kütahyalı has stood by the good, the beautiful and the truth throughout history, protected human values ​​and moved it to the position of Çelebilik.

Accommodation in Kütahya is so easy thanks to the latest hotel investments. You can find many different accommodation alternatives in many regions of the city.

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Kütahya or real estate for rent in Kütahya, you are on the right page. As of the end of July 2020 in Kütahya, the prices of houses for sale increased by 18.56% in the last year. Average for sale residential property size is 121 square meters. Considering the annual averages, as of the end of July 2020, the districts that gained the most value in Kütahya for housing were Tavşanlı, Simav, Gediz, Emet, respectively.

Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Kütahya ? If you’re, our special health guide will be helpful for you. In Kütahya , there are 9 state hospitals,1 training and research hospital and 2 private hospitals.

Road Transportation

You can visit Kütahya by road from many cities like Eskişehir, Bursa, Afyon, Bilecik and others.

Air Transportation

Zafer Airport is located in Kütahya, so you can find direct flights from Istanbul.

Railway Transportation

The railway transportation is so developed in Kütahya with İzmir Blue Train, Pamukkale Express and regional lines.

You will find the answers of the “Best places to visit in Kütahya” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Kütahya” questions in this guide. With no doubt, Kütahya is an important city with its amazing history and museums. Frig Valley is an important place to visit between Afyon and Kütahya. Sütunlu Yol is another important historical colour of Kütahya. It was unearthed during excavations between 1992-1995. A.D. It is dated to the 400th year. The columns on the sides of the streets, which were restored and restored, were removed from the early antique buildings. Kütahya Castle is an important symbol of Kütahya. It is on the Hisar Hill, where there has been a settlement since ancient times. Kütahya Castle, which has 70 bastions, consists of three parts. Finally, you should also visit Kütahya Tile Museum.

There are only one state university located in Kütahya named as Dumlupınar University.


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