Sony’s Claim to Withdraw From Turkey Caused Great Repercussions! Instant Response to News From the ompany

Sony’s claim to withdraw from Turkey caused great repercussions! Instant response to news from the company

The claim that Sony, the world’s leading technology company, will not sell product groups such as televisions and headphones due to the economic difficulties it is in, and that it has decided to close its office in Turkey, aroused great repercussions on social media. Responding immediately to the allegations, the company said, “We will continue to provide after-sales and customer service, as well as services other than TV and sound systems.”

While allegations were made that some technology companies would lose money and withdraw from the market due to the economic crisis in Turkey, Sony was the last company to suffer from these claims.


It was claimed that the technology giant Sony, which has many product groups, would withdraw from the Turkish market due to supply problems in products such as televisions and headphones, and decided to close its Turkish office.



Sony, on the other hand, made a statement regarding the allegations that it will withdraw from Turkey. In the statement, the following statements were included: “The news that it will go out of Turkey 100% does not reflect the truth. It will continue to provide services in the field of after sales and customer services, as well as non-service services.” TV and sound systems.

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