Is Sony Withdrawing From Turkey?

It has been claimed that Sony, the Japanese-based electronics giant, has withdrawn from the Turkish market. It was reported that the company, which was reported to have closed its office in Istanbul, will carry out its activities in Turkey through distributors.

According to Kemalettin Bulamacı from Dünya Newspaper, Sony has decided to withdraw from Turkey. It was reported that the Japanese electronics giant informed its employees about the issue on January 27 and will continue its activities in Turkey through distributors. Allegedly, Sony closed its office in Ümraniye, Istanbul, where it manages its operations.

If the rumors turn out to be true, the company will have withdrawn from the Turkish market, which it entered in 1990, 33 years later. The Japanese giant was operating in our country under the name Sony Eurasia Pazarlama AŞ. In the same news, it was stated that Sony will continue to provide services for the cameras division with a limited staff for the transition period. Well, what will be the PlayStation Turkey wing?

Sony Ends Its Activities in Turkey

According to the information conveyed, the company will continue its console and service sales in the playground through distributors. This means that the only way for users in Turkey to buy PlayStation 5 will be importers. Another worrying issue is related to Turkish subtitle/dubbing works and PSN service. Localization studies in the games were carried out in partnership with the Turkey office and the companies there.

It is currently unclear how the PlayStation Turkey team, which operates separately from Sony Eurasia, will be affected by the decision to withdraw from the market. The allegations are that console sales and other services will be provided through distributors. However, we should not exclude the possibility that this process will be completely undertaken by the Turkish team.

What Will PlayStation Turkey Do?

If this possibility does not happen, PlayStation owners in our country may get bored. Because a total withdrawal may mean the disappearance of local pricing in the PlayStation Store, as well as lead to the closure of PSN in Turkey.

The news that Sony is withdrawing from Turkey is a claim that has been heated and warmed up to the public for years. We hope that this development, which has always been a lie, will not be true once again. We will inform you if there is an official statement on the subject. Until then, stay tuned.

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