Seismologist Stephen Hicks Simulated Kahramanmaraş Earthquake for England

The British researcher drew attention to the possibility of such a severe earthquake in his country. The seismologist emphasized that cities would be flattened in a severe shaking.

The deadly earthquakes in Turkey, one after the other, were on the agenda of the world.

After the earthquake simulation in Germany, a similar study was signed in England.

Seismologist Stephen Hicks, a research assistant at University College London, said cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Bristol would “flatten” if the Kahramanmaras-based earthquake hits the British Isle.

“Our buildings cannot withstand such violent shocks”

Hicks shared on his Twitter account the magnitude and destructiveness of the earthquake by placing the US Geological Survey’s heat map, which shows the earthquake’s direction and area of influence, on the British map:

Cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Bristol would be devastated and nearly flat. Our buildings cannot withstand such violent shocks. England would have essentially split in two with the zipper unzipped.

“I did it to reveal what happened in Turkey”

Emphasizing that there are no fault lines in England that would cause such earthquakes and that he did this study to reveal what happened in Turkey, Hicks pointed out that those who wish can donate to the organizations in the regions they live in or donate to the Turkish Red Crescent.

“Not only the south of England, but also Wales will be badly damaged”

Hicks stated that if a similar earthquake occurs in the British Isle, not only the south of England, but also Wales will be damaged, and added:

“We can help by donating to charities. There are probably charities in your area that are currently searching under the rubble in Turkey and helping survivors.”

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