Second Detention Shock for Sonic’s Creator

The creator of the Sonic the Hedgehog character has been arrested for the second time for the leak trade. This time, another firm allegedly bought its shares early.

Yuji Naka, known as the creator of the Sonic the Hedgehog character, was detained in recent weeks for dealing in leaks. It seems that Yuji Naka’s crimes do not end.

Second Shock to Yuji Naka

As it will be remembered, Yuji Naka, when he learned early that there would be a partnership between his studio Square Enix and Aiming, bought shares and made significant profits. He was taken into custody when the case came to light.

This time, it turned out that Yuji Naka learned about The First Soldier partnership between Square Enix and Ateam in early 2021 and bought a total of $ 1.8 million shares with his friends before it was announced. Still, he made huge gains.

A second case will be opened as the Tokyo prosecutor’s office decides to re-detain Yuki Naja. It is stated that Yuji Naka could face higher sentences since the same crime was committed a second time. Square Enix has thus taken the third blow.

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