New Instant Game Mode Coming for Valorant!

Riot Games is working on a game mode called Swiftplay for Valorant, which is controversial with its game times.

Valorant has become one of the most popular games in the world with its success in a short time. In order to maintain this situation, the company, which keeps things tight, continues to bring various updates and game modes. This time, Riot Games is taking a new step in the game lengths that sometimes get a reaction.

Riot Games Gains New Players with New Game Modes

One of the things that gamers complain about the most about Valorant is the length of the matches. Considering this situation, Riot Games started working on a shorter game mode. Testing of the new game mode has started in the open beta.

As it is known, matches in normal and ranked modes usually last between 30-50 minutes. In the game where each round lasts for two minutes, it can sometimes take a while for a team to win 13 rounds and be victorious. Competitive matches can take longer if the score reaches 12-12. Because teams must win at least two rounds in overtime if they vote to continue playing.

The new Swiftplay mode is also revealed to be much shorter, although it has similar rules. The fight, in which the first team to win five rounds is victorious, progresses with attackers and defenders switching sides after four rounds. Riot says they expect Swiftplay matches to last around 15 minutes.

With the new game mode, Riot aims to attract players who are in a hurry to play a normal Valorant match. Thus, players who do not have 45 minutes to spare for the game at the computer will be able to play a 15-minute match with Swiftplay mode.

The Swiftplay beta mode will also be available with today’s patch 5.12, which brings a number of balance changes and changes how various abilities interact with each other. Swiftplay will be available on all maps used for the unrated mode, and the beta will run until January 10.

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