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Scientists Managed to Grow Plants on the Moon

In the United States, scientists managed to grow plants for the first time in soil brought from the Moon. Another important step was taken towards the colonization of humanity outside the world. Scientists at the University of Florida, USA, have grown plants in soil brought from Earth’s moon for the first time. Mouse ear cress from the well-known mustard grass family sprouted in 12 grams of Moon soil.

Tested in the Same Conditions as the World’s Soil 

For comparison, the same seed was tested in soil taken from the ground under the same conditions. In this process, it was observed that the roots in the lunar soil grew more slowly. After 20 days, all plants were harvested and their DNA was analyzed.

Agriculture on lunar soil is seen as an important step in NASA‘s lunar settlement project and towards the colonization of humanity on other planets such as Mars.

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