The New Playground of E-Commerce: Metaverse

The retail industry, which has rapidly completed its digital transformation with the pandemic, incorporates applications that provide excellent customer experience and new sales methods into its existing structures. Electronic commerce also shows a rapid development in terms of new methods. In recent years, many playgrounds have been added to e-commerce such as marketplaces, sales via social media and even live broadcast sales. The new playground of e-commerce will now be the metadata warehouse. Recently, news has come that a new metaverse store is opening almost every day from a different fashion brand. LC Waikiki, Kigili and Damat Tween from Turkey are among the first to step into this universe where fashion brands such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren open stores… This will be an experience different from e-commerce. The thing is, people will meet their friends while trying the virtual shirt in these stores and the real shirt will come home. Blockchain technology is developing rapidly all over the world and is increasing its influence in many sectors. The e-commerce sector, on the other hand, will not only be limited to cryptocurrencies, but will also spread to the metaverse area.

Instant Shopping Experience

While e-commerce offers users a fast and instantly accessible shopping experience, unlike traditional shopping, it does not give the opportunity to physically experience the products. The rapid spread of the concepts of augmented reality and virtual reality is among the factors that can bring a solution to this problem and combine the world of e-commerce with traditional shopping. In this respect, metaverse applications are considered very important for e-commerce. Enriching the user experience with these technologies and meeting the expectations of buyers, especially in categories with high return rates, will be perceived as a necessity for e-commerce marketplaces. Metaverse has started to enter our lives with various functions. Augmented reality and virtual reality, especially to see how home decoration products that are difficult to buy online will look at home; Experiencing products such as cosmetics and shoes with a virtual trial application provides an important convenience in terms of obtaining information about the quality and suitability of the product before purchasing. In addition, the metaverse turns static product catalogs into virtual stores where users can browse and experience products in a fast and instantly accessible way. These technologies, which connect the online and offline worlds, offer shoppers a personalized shopping experience the way they want it. It will allow brands to easily build a brand community, regardless of location and time, and allow their customers’ product experiences to interact with the brand itself and other consumers, going far beyond simply writing a review and giving a star.

Today’s Offers

Sharing the layers of Metaverse, Çelikkaya said, “Some layers are reflections, some are AR. We are witnessing the change of the Internet. In this context, the text-based internet has left its place to photographs. -The video revolution began in the 2000s and continues. The next stage after videos is the 3rd dimension.” Celikkaya, who advised brands to start creating their digital twins, stated that this would also change the priority in the search engine.

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