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Education Suspended in Istanbul

After the arid January, February started cold and rainy. While the snow that came with the decrease in temperature throughout the country was welcomed with joy in some places, it turned into an ordeal in others. A warning came from NTV Meteorology Editor Dilek Caliskan regarding the expected precipitation. Caliskan said that the rains may turn into blizzards and even the school holiday may be extended.

Warnings continue to come one after another against the expected snowfall across the country.

Snowfall, which will start in Istanbul on Saturday evening, will increase its effect on Sunday.

It’s very cold on Sunday. Temperatures will be felt below 0 degrees.


Stating that the snowfall, which will be effective throughout Istanbul from Saturday night hours, will continue on Sunday and Monday, Caliskan said, “It may continue on Tuesday. For this reason, the school holiday may be extended,” he warned.


Caliskan, who warned that strong winds, including Istanbul in the Marmara and Izmir in the Aegean, would turn the snowfall into a blizzard, asked to be careful against negativities.

The white cover that will cover almost 3/4 of the country will also come to the Aegean.

Caliskan said, “It will snow in İzmir, Manisa and Isparta on Sunday. These rains will go down to Antalya,” he said, and announced that Ankara will also receive heavy snow on Sunday.

Meteorology, which has published an assessment map of the expected weather events across the country for 7 days, marked a large part of the country as profitable.

Source: NTV

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