Scholarship Programs to be benefited by Foreign Students

Turkey is an important country for education which opens its gates wide to all students in the World. Turkey which provides all kinds of possibilities for foreign students with Turkish hospitality and higher education quality ensures raising quality of life and welfare levels of students via scholarship programs too.

Along with the advantages which appear in different areas, Turkey is seen an option preferable   for foreign students. Further to that, many scholarship possibilities also exist to be felt under assurance materially in country by foreign students.

We have compiled some of scholarship programs from which foreign students in Turkey can benefit.

Scholarship Program of Turkish Speaking States

This scholarship program which covers the students coming from the countries found within Turkish Council and speaking Turkish, a holistic approach is provided for economic and social development of the region. The students of the countries which carry common values but not included in Turkish Council may also take advantage of this program.

Countries covered by the scholarship; the foreign students coming from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and KKTC.

Balkans Scholarship Program

Historical and cultural ties of Turkey with Balkans go back a long way. Balkans scholarship program which is provided for increase education opportunities between Balkans and Turkey being incarnational case of friendship and neighbourhood relationships, continuance to their education without any difficulty in Turkey of foreign students encompasses the foreign students coming from Bosnia- Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Greece.

Black Sea Scholarship Program

This scholarship program provides great benefit to the youth who come from these regions to receive education, addressing a very wide geography and covering   the neighbours in eastern, western and northern regions.  Thanks to Black Sea Scholarship program that also involves Central Europe and Baltic States, the relationships between countries develop and it is aimed to raise human resource for investments of countries.

Black Sea Scholarship Program contains the students coming from Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Belarus, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic to Turkey in order to take higher education.

Harran Scholarship Program

Harran region which hosted the first university founded in the history has taken place among important science centres of the World during history. The scholarship which is granted to realize scientific, economic and social interactions between countries is has also been referred to Harran Scholarship. Harran Scholarship intends to provide contribution to be oasis of science and culture of the region’s countries as it as in the past.

Harran Scholarship is a scholarship program that is to be demanded by the foreign students who arrive in Turkey from Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Israel with the aim of studying in a university.

Turkey-Africa Scholarship Program

With Africa expansion, a new period has started between Turkey and Africa. Turkey- Africa Scholarship Program which emerges as a part of this expansion has succeeded to provide possibility of education to more students in terms of quality and quantity. Turkey- Africa Scholarship Program which is highly important scholarship opportunity for continuance of education life of African youth, development of Africa covers all countries located in Africa continent.

Bogazici Scholarship Program

In Bogazici Scholarship Program, the name of “Bogazici” district in Istanbul being brand city of Turkey is used and purposed that even the students in furthest geography take advantage of this scholarship program.

Bogazici Scholarship Program which encloses a wide geography from United Arab Emirates to Bolivia, Indonesia to Sri Lana, India to Taiwan spans 65 distinct countries in total.

The candidates who will apply to scholarship programs of Turkey should

  • Born after 01.01.1970,
  • Have at least 90% success level for undergraduate programs of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry, 70% for other programs,
  • be graduated from high school or graduate at the ends of current education year.

For detailed information about the scholarships that foreign students in Turkey will receive and the application procedures, site may be visited or information may be taken form Call Centre no. 0 850 455 0 982.

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