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When it comes to tourism, Fethiye is one of the first places that come to mind in our country. When it comes to Fethiye, Saklıkent Canyon undoubtedly succeeds in taking its place in the first place. The canyon, which is 18 kilometers long, draws attention with its height. In some places, even sunlight is not seen inside the canyon, whose average height varies between 200 meters and 600 meters. It is necessary to act with a professional team in order to walk in the canyon, which shrinks up to 2 meters in places and almost does not show the sky. Saklıkent Canyon was formed thousands of years ago. Its easily eroded calcareous structure has turned into a deep canyon over the centuries with the effect of fault cracks. The speed of the water flowing through is remarkable. You feel the intensity of the current as soon as you enter the water, which seems calm. That’s why you need to walk in the canyon with an experienced team. Saklıkanyon was discovered by a shepherd by chance, and then brought to tourism in the following years. There is an entrance fee to Saklıkent Canyon. There is no museum card here. Adult and student fees are different. Parking lots are also charged. After getting your ticket from the ticket booth, you pass through the turnstiles and walk into the canyon on the road with wooden piers. You will notice that the wooden piers used in the 90’s are lower. The current piers are extremely solid and safe, but you have to walk in a single line. When you look at it from here, the beauty of the water flowing below is admirable. When you continue inside, you come to the area where a small cafe is located. If you wish, you have a chance to sit here and have a drink. If you want to walk the canyon, do not try it with a baby or small child. Because in this adventurous canyon walk there is a risk of slipping at any time. Moreover, in some places the water can reach shoulder level. If you consider the coldness of the water, it can be a big problem for young children. But if you love to walk and are passionate about adventure, you should definitely spend a day in Saklıkent in your life.

How to get to Saklıkent?

The distance between Saklıkent and Fethiye is approximately 40 kilometers. If you are going to the national park, which is over 1000 meters in height, by air, you can choose Dalaman Airport. In this way, you can reach Fethiye via Antalya, Muğla and Bodrum. The national park is 45 km from Fethiye and 50 km from Antalya.

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