Saklikent Canyon, which separates Muğla and Antalya, cools its visitors

Saklikent Canyon, which separates Muğla and Antalya, cools its visitors

Saklikent Canyon, which separates Muğla and Antalya, is one of the most preferred spots for vacationers who are overwhelmed by the heat with its 5-degree water.

Adults and students enter Saklikent Canyon, which is located in Kayadibi neighborhood of Mugla’s Seydikemer district and operated by the municipality, for 23 and 12 liras, respectively.

Visitors, who reach the entrance of Saklikent Canyon with a 200-meter bridge, do not feel the effect of the sweltering summer heat in the atmosphere of the 5-degree stream that gives life to the uniquely beautiful nature.

Tourists who cross the flowing water with the help of ropes experience the excitement of crossing the natural track consisting of steep slopes.

The canyon, which hosts up to 6 thousand visitors daily on busy summer days, is among the popular destinations for vacationers.

Seydikemer Mayor Bayram Önder Akdenizli said that Saklikent Canyon, which was discovered by a shepherd years ago, now hosts guests not only from Turkey but also from many countries around the world.

Stating that the canyon, which separates Muğla and Antalya, has become a breathing point for tourists with its spring water around 5 degrees especially in the hot summer months, Akdenizli said, “5-6 thousand people visit the canyon daily, where interest increases every year. Saklikent Canyon has become a brand not only in Turkey but also in the world. The canyon has become a frequent destination for visitors to the region. We invite everyone to see the canyon, which increases the number of visitors every year.”

Akdenizli noted that in addition to Saklikent Canyon, visitors can also see many ancient cities and natural beauties in the district.

Furkan Sarıerikli, who came on vacation from Ankara, said that they liked the canyon very much and that they cooled off with the water of the canyon in hot weather.

Saklikent Canyon


Mehriban Poladova, who came from Azerbaijan, noted that she was very impressed by the canyon she visited for the first time. Stating that she had been to many places in Turkey and was very impressed by the services, Poladova said, “This place is a natural wonder like a miracle. We came as a family and we liked it very much.”

Buket Arıkan, who came to the region for their honeymoon vacation and said that they visited the canyon, said, “The water is cold but very beautiful. We enjoyed it very much, it was a fun trip. It was a nice memory for us.”

Kudret Çimbaş, who came from France with her relatives and friends, stated that they visited the canyon for the second time. Noting that they also brought a Tunisian friend to the canyon, Çimbaş said, “We tried to get into the water, but the water is like ice. Even our Tunisian friend rolled on the ground. The water was taking him away. We had a lot of fun, it was very nice.”

Tunisian Hidal Otman emphasized that he liked the cold water and the canyon very much and that he would recommend everyone to go to Saklikent Canyon when he returned to France.

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