Saklikent Canyon

Saklikent Canyon

Fethiye is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to vacation in the Aegean. Fethiye is best known for Oludeniz, but also for the Saklikent Canyon, which is a historical and natural wonder.

Saklikent is approximately 45 minutes away from Fethiye. Although Saklikent Canyon is close to many historical places, it was discovered 26 years ago by a shepherd. The ice-cold water of the melting snow in the mountains in May flows towards a paradise hidden among the rocks. Saklikent National Park is one of the most special places of the Mediterranean. The park has become valuable thanks to the canyon. Saklikent National Park is a wonderful natural miracle worth visiting.

Whether you rent a car or join daily private tours, do not leave without seeing this natural wonder. When you first enter, the canyon hidden among the rocks welcomes you. You will have to go over the rocks as you will be navigating in the water in Saklikent Canyon, so you will have a more comfortable trip if you buy either sandals or rubber shoes. If you don’t want to bring it with you, there are places you can rent or buy there. When you first enter, you walk on a wooden path connected to the rocks. A wonderful walk awaits you with the canyon flowing below you. At first, the canyon water may seem very calm to you, but as your steps progress, the intensity of the water increases and white sparkling waters await you. Even this dream of swimming in water is enough to excite people at that stage. When you proceed, you will be greeted by a road junction leading to a tiny island on one side that goes straight. You will feel that you are starting to feel cold as you move forward in the trees between the rocks and towards the increasingly rough water. In this heat, such an opportunity does not always come to one’s feet. There is an island at the crossroads. That island is the place for people who love solitude and tranquility. It goes to a magnificent place where there are tables and you can see the water outlet clearly and only hear the sound of water.


Saklikent Canyon and National Park is located on the border of Antalya and Mugla provinces. It is 45 km from Fethiye and 50 km from Antalya. There are minibuses from Fethiye city center every hour. You can easily reach them with them. You can make road transport very comfortable. You can find it easily by reading the signs on the Fethiye and Antalya road.


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