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Safranbolu is a historical and touristic district of Karabük province. Its location is 231 km north of Ankara and 90 km south of the Black Sea. It is located 8 km north of Karabük district center. Safranbolu city center and Karabük city center are close to each other. If there is a list of the most special settlements in Turkey, the museum city Safranbolu definitely succeeds in taking the first places with golden letters. Safranbolu district, one of the most attractive touristic destinations in the Western Black Sea Region, has also been under the wings of UNESCO since 1994. In Safranbolu, one of the stars of the UNESCO World Heritage List, almost all of the monuments such as mosques, inns, baths or mausoleums are preserved as on the first day. Safranbolu becomes a cultural treasure when the local architecture of the houses is added to the diversity of traditions and customs. It would be enough to say that the number of buildings under protection in the streets of Safranbolu, which attracts the attention of the whole world, exceeds one thousand, to explain the importance of the district. Although it is a small Anatolian district, the total number of local and foreign tourists visiting Safranbolu exceeds 300 thousand; The district even attracts tourists from countries on the other side of the world such as the United States, the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan. Visiting Safranbolu, one of Turkey’s most popular historical places, can be counted as many privileges for local and foreign tourists. In addition to museums, houses, historical and natural beauties, this district, which takes its name from saffron, offers a wide range of flavors. It is not possible for a person who falls to Safranbolu to admire the taste and appearance of the Turkish delight served to guests with traditional presentations.

The History of Safranbolu

Apart from the Republic of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, Safranbolu also carries traces from the Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Romans, Seljuks, Çabanoğulları, Candarogulları and Hellenistic Kingdoms. The oldest traces of the history of the district point to 3000 years before Christ. You can witness that in Homer’s Epic of Iliad, it is mentioned as Paplagonia. Other names of Safranbolu in history can be counted as Dadybra, Zalifre and Zafranbolu. If we say that the fertile lands of the region between Kızılırmak and Filyos River could not be shared between different Turkish principalities and Byzantines for years, I guess it would not be a mistake. The definitive rule of the Turks coincides with the Seljuk period, approximately 1196. On the other hand, the Ottomans entered Safranbolu district in 1354 with the period of Şehzade Gazi Süleyman Pasha. The district lived its richest times as an important accommodation center between Istanbul and Sinop during the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century. The inns, baths and madrasahs left by Candaroğulları, another group that left their mark on the district, are still standing today.

Today, Safranbolu and the region around it, as a cradle of civilizations, contains the footprints of all its guests in history. This layered structure on the streets of the city is like a miracle waiting to be discovered, especially for those who are interested in history.

How to get to Safranbolu?

Since Safranbolu is a district where daily tours are very popular throughout the country, it is also on the radar of bus and plane companies. Although it is not possible to reach the district by plane, airports in Ankara or Kastamonu may be preferred. There are many directions for Safranbolu transfer from here. Bus services, on the other hand, are organized almost every day of the week from all over Turkey. Another advantage of Safranbolu district of Karabük province is that it is close to both the Black Sea, Marmara and Central Anatolia. In this way, local tourists can meet in Safranbolu by departing from many different points.

There is approximately 8 kilometers distance between Karabük city center and Safranbolu. It is possible to get this distance in 10 minutes; You can also use a taxi if you wish.

Safranbolu can be reached from three different directions by road. After passing Bolu on the highway between Ankara and Istanbul, following the signs for Karabük, Bartın and Kastamonu directions are also an option.

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