Sad Farewell to Proteo in Adiyaman

Sad Farewell to Proteo in Adiyaman

The Mexican team, which was in Adıyaman to support the search and rescue efforts due to the earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaraş, bid farewell to Proteo, the search and rescue dogs who lost their lives during the work.

Hero Proteo

Proteo, who took part in a team of 150 people who came to Turkey from Mexico for search and rescue efforts after the earthquakes affecting 10 provinces in Kahramanmaraş, played an important role in the rescue of 3 people from the wreckage.

The Mexican team bid farewell to Proteo, who became ill during the search and rescue efforts.

Proteo’s coach, Juan Carlos Villeda Marquez, said that they primarily shared Turkey’s pain.

Emphasizing that they were very upset as the Mexican people, army and state due to the earthquake, Marquez said, “Our army assigned us. We came to support our brotherly country. We are here to work with Turkish teams. Our aim. Marquez said, “We are very sorry. “It was to get people out of the rubble, to relieve the pain of the families a little bit,” he said. We are here to calm down anyway.” said.

Explaining that he worked as a dog trainer in the army, and that Proteo participated in operations in many regions such as Haiti, Guatemala and Ecuador as well as Mexico, Marquez said that Turkey’s last duty was to the experienced search and rescue dogs Proteo.


Stating that Proteo saved the lives of many people during his search and rescue efforts during his mission, Marquez said, “He completed his mission. We brought him here to share his experiences. He helped get rid of many debris here.

Many places did. In this respect, our Proteo valuable dog is a more valuable friend for us. First of all, I lost my best friend. I’m so sorry, my eyes are full of tears. We participated in many operations together. “We always supported each other when we went on the field”


Stating that with Proteo, they aimed to help people who were under the rubble of the earthquake and to return to their homes, Marquez said:


“For us, he was more of a friend, a savior than a dog. It was our last day on the field. Likewise, we hoped to return from the field together. We have to come from far away. Take that into account, he had some difficulties because the climatic conditions were not the same.” He was our good dog. “We couldn’t return from the last mission together. Unfortunately we lost him. We buried him in the camp garden and held a ceremony.”


Stating that they stayed in the AFAD tent camp at Hasan Tasar Imam Hatip Secondary School, Marquez stated that they would leave a part of their team, which is their dear friend, here.


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