Mexican Search and Rescue Dog Proteo Died in Turkey! Why Did Proteo Die?

After the earthquake disaster in Kahramanmaras, the death of the dog named Proteo, who worked in the search and rescue team from Mexico, made a sound. Proteo’s trainer, Carlos Villeda, made statements about his dog, which was rumored to have died under the rubble. Voicing her feelings about Proteo’s death, Villeda: “I am very proud of my dog, especially because it has been recognized as a wonderful dog.” used the phrases.

After the earthquakes in Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of the earthquakes, the dog named Proteo, who worked in the search and rescue team sent by Mexico to Turkey, died on February 12. Proteo’s trainer, Carlos Villeda, revealed the dog’s cause of death. Villeda said that Proteo did not die by being under a dent as claimed on social media, and that his death was due to many reasons.

Villeda that Proteo’s old age and the cold climate in Turkey were the causes of his death, he also stated that his dog was very tired during the long journey to Turkey.


Expressing her feelings about Proteo’s death, Villeda said: “I am proud of my dog, especially because it is recognized as a wonderful dog. And I’m proud not only of my own dog, but of all the other dogs that come here and participate in the work, and I want them to be recognized as great dogs too.” It is stated that the relationship between Villeda and Proteo started when the dog was 4 months old when he received search and rescue, narcotic and explosive substance detection.


Proteo participated in many rescue efforts in Turkey and Mexico, where it came after the earthquake disaster on 6 February. He also participated in search and rescue efforts after the landslides in Guatemala in 2015, the earthquakes in Ecuador in 2016 and Haiti in 2021. A member of a military police brigade in Mexico City, Proteo was born on June 13, 2013 and was almost 9 years and 8 months old when he died on February 12, 2023. Proteo’s death was met with great sadness in both Mexico and Turkey.

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  1. Now is the time to promote rights for dogs.
    People must understand that dogs help us in many ways we have a duty to take care of them

    Please use your platform to spread this

    1. Should we allow them to vote? Maybe drink or buy cigarettes? All animals have rights. We need to treat them as such and stop singling out one species or sex. This is getting ridiculous.

  2. Please read what you write before you publish it! This is total nonsense:
    “….Proteo is also responsible for the landslides in Guatemala in 2015, the earthquakes in Ecuador in 2016 and Haiti in 2021.”

    1. Hello Vess. Thank you for your attention. I corrected the mistake. I hope you continue reading our articles! Take care of yourself.

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