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“Russia lost more soldiers than the US in Vietnam”

While the war between Russia and Ukraine continued, it was claimed that the Moscow administration lost more soldiers in Ukraine than the US lost in Vietnam. Ukrainian officials claimed that Russia lost more than 75,000 soldiers in the war.

Tensions rose in the war between Russia and Ukraine. After Russia annexed 4 regions from Ukraine, Ukraine bombed the Kerch Bridge, and Russia fired missiles at 4 cities, including Kiev. While the sounds of explosions came from Kiev this morning, a striking claim about the war was made.

‘More than 75 thousand soldiers lost their lives’

According to Ukrainian officials, Russia lost more than 75,000 soldiers. According to this claim, Russia lost more soldiers than the USA lost in Vietnam.

Between 1963 and 1973, the USA lost 60,000 soldiers in the war in Vietnam.


Russia, which previously denied the statements made by Ukraine about the number of deaths of Russian soldiers, has yet to make a statement on the subject.

USA: 80 thousand Russian soldiers lost their lives

At the beginning of August, the United States claimed that between 70,000 – 80,000 Russian soldiers lost their lives.

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