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Reasons for Denial of Work Permit Application

Reasons for Denial of the Application for Work Permit

The 14th article of the law namely Work Permit for Foreigners defines the rejection reasons of work permits.

As a general rule, if the needed workforce can be provided within the internal market, the work permit for foreigners may be rejected. Within the scope of this, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security has the right to reject the work permit depending on the decision whether the same quality can be provided with the same quality by the person. The application can be rejected by the ministry if the events in the market are inadequate economically, geographically, or the cyclical changes – developments special to the sector. Work Permit applications may be rejected for the reasons of national security, public order, general security, public interest, general ethics and general health conditions.

For the domestical applications, a lack of residence permit can be a reason of rejection. Moreover, according to the 14th article of the law namely Work Permit for Foreigners, a negative opinion of Ministry of Internal Affairs can be a cause of rejection.

According to the 21st article of the legislation, within the applications that are evaluated as professional service, the ministry rejects the application if there is a lack of profession or the academical qualification standards are not provided.

In spite of the fact that the ministry has the optional authority of rejecting and cancelling the work permit applications, related sides have a right to take legal action. Related sides can apply within the 30 days after ministry has come to a decision.

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Validity of Work Permit

A work permit is valid within the given time for the permission to work. According to the 16th article of the law namely Work Permit for Foreigners, within the occurence of these circumstances work permit becomes invalid (i) In the situation of a deportation decision or entrance prohibiton is applied to the foreigner by Turkey (ii)If the period of validity of the foreigner’s passport will not be extended (iii) Excluding some challenging conditions, if the foreigner has stayed abroad continously more than 6 months.

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