Playboi Carti Fell From the Platform

American rap artist Playboi Carti, who participated in the Wireless festival, fell from the podium while singing on stage. World-famous rapper Playboi Carti took the stage at the annual music festival Wireles Festival. The rapper, caught in the rhythm of the music on the stage, fell to the ground while running backwards.

Playboi Carti

The Length of the Scene Could Not Calculate

The young rapper, who sang his favorite songs in front of thousands of people, fell from the platform while returning to the stage. As soon as Carti fell, hearts in their mouths, the staff rushed to the singer’s aid. The rapper, who didn’t care, quickly got up from where he had fallen and continued his concert. Images of Carti’s fall soon became a hot topic on social media. Social media users asked, “How big did Carti think the stage was?” she asked. she asked. and taunted the rapper, saying, “Carti underestimated the length of the stage.”

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