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Photos Taken By The Pope With Artificial Intelligence Go Viral

Photos Taken By The Pope With Artificial Intelligence Go Viral

Father images produced by artificial intelligence became the agenda on social media. Images look very realistic. Details are here!

The ability of artificial intelligence to produce images is increasing day by day. Artificial intelligence images that have exploded on social media recently depict the Pope, who is seen as the spiritual leader of Christians, in a very different way.

The Catholic Church, which has 1.2 billion members worldwide, features a white puffer jacket in Pope Francis I images created with MidJourney 5.

Pope With Artificial Intelligence

Most People Think It’s True

While the artificial intelligence images produced show the Pope in a quite different style, they also very clearly summarize the point where artificial intelligence production can go. The depiction of the famous clergyman with a rather large white hedgehog mantle, apart from his traditional religious attire, seems quite realistic.

Last week, after former US President Donald Trump said he would be arrested, a group of MidJourney users used artificial intelligence to create footage of Trump fleeing the police.

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