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Overstaying Fines for Foreigners in Turkey 2022

Recently,  “Overstaying Fines for Foreigners in Turkey” issue started to be asked to our consultants. During their staying time in Turkey, if the foreigners violate visa/residence permits, an entrance penalty would be applied for them for determined time periods. On the other, in case of not paying the overstaying fine, the foreigners can face with 5-years entrance ban to Turkey. As it is known, visa violation penalty is imposed in case of staying in the country of destination for longer than the visa period. Time out of the violation, except to enter Turkey border crossing illegally smuggled in a way that also leads to the violation of visa.

However, exceeding visa period and purpose, and not obeying the rules of staying purposes of residence or work permit while entering to Turkey, can cause the visa violation. Despite the end of the duration of the work permit of foreigners who continue to work in Turkey or despite the end of the duration of the residence permit, foreigners also who continue living in Turkey can be face with visa violation. Foreigners are fined in all visa violations. In continuation of this article, the remaining fugitives is one of the most curious subject by foreigners about the amount of penalty fees and you will find details on how to calculate Turkey.

Visa Violation and Illegal Issues

As its known, the foreigners stay illegal in Turkey who make visa violation. Foreigners whose visa period exceeded must pay a penalty fee in addition to the residence permit fee. The penalty in question is calculated as twice the annual residence permit fee. Some foreign nationals are required to pay a visa fee in addition to this fee calculated in case of illegal use. In case of a visa violation and illegal stay of foreigners, as well as fines between 1 month to 5 years or indefinitely is a decision to ban entry to Turkey.

Foreigners who have the complete lack of documents of foreigners, irregular behavior, underreporting and incomplete payment of the penalty, not obeying the procedures entering to Turkeyy, entering, can face with a 5-year deport penalty. For this reason, it is recommended that the relevant processes be carried out with great care and through consultants.

How to Calculate Overstaying Fines for Foreigners in Turkey?

To learn the correct overstaying fine amount of foreigners who stay illegal in Turkey, they should apply to visa violation offices in airports and border gates. In case the amount of fines to be applied in cases where a visa violation and penalty fees and the amount of leakage that they are citizens of foreign countries are calculated in different ways depending on the nature of the time they stay in Turkey. The penalty fees presented as an example are for guidance and the most accurate amounts are calculated by the visa violation offices.

For Azerbaijan citizens, have 30-days visa-free staying right in Turkey. An Azerbaijan citizen who stay for 9 months totally in Turkey, stayed in Turkey as legal for the first 1 month, and stayed as illegal in last 8 months. In this case, the penalty fee to pay; It is calculated as 50 USD (First month fee) + 70 USD (10 USD for each month after the first month) + Card fee.

For Georgia citizens, have 90-days visa-free staying right in Turkey. A Georgia citizen who stay for 9 months totally in Turkey, stayed in Turkey as legal for the first 3 month, and stayed as illegal in last 6 months. In this case, the penalty fee to pay; It is calculated as 50 USD (First month fee) + 50 USD (10 USD for each month after the first month) + Visa fee.

For Uzbekistan citizens, have 30-days visa-free staying right in Turkey. An Uzbekistan citizen who stay for 6 months totally in Turkey, stayed in Turkey as legal for the first 1 month, and stayed as illegal in last 5 months. In this case, the penalty fee to pay; It is calculated as 50 USD (First month fee) + 40 USD (10 USD for each month after the first month) + Card fee + Visa fee.

Where to Pay Overstaying Fines?

Foreigners who stay illegal in Turkey must pay overstaying fines as soon as possible for not to be deported. The mentioned fine is paid to the visa violation office located at the airports. The amount of penalty fines for visa vilolations in Turkey is also calculated in this office.

In this article, we mentioned about the overstaying fines for foreigners in Turkey who stay legal in Turkey briefly. However, you can learn the exact penalty amounts from the foreigners office located at the border gates and airports.

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  1. Me, wife and daughter we have overstayed for 10 months and we came for medical we’re citizen of Sierra Leone. but our daughter is steeling under a medical attention. What are the conditions of our status and we want to continue living in the country?

  2. My wife will be overstaying for 7 days as she been given only 8 days tourist visa and we have plan to stay for 14 days. Please can you tell me that if we only get to pay penalty or does she also get anything written on her passport about ban or overstaying stamp?

  3. Hi my wife has Kenyan Passaport and she stays in 8 months overstayed so how much it cost the penalty?

    1. Did you find out the penalty fee yet ? Also she will be banned from entering Turkey for up to 6 months even a year

  4. Hello, I have recieved kimlik till Dec 2022 amd my daughrer visa was expired in september 10, 2020.I was in process to renew her visa as I was waiting to recieve NOC from her father . But due to flood in Pakistan all services were suspended and due to loss at my house I am also going back to my Country.
    My flight is on 24th October.
    How much fine will I have to pay for my daughter for 40days

  5. Hi, i went to Turkey last year, my visa was tourist for 20 days, and i applied my Turkey Residence Permit through an agent having their office in Aksaray. This was terrible experience as they scammed me. They put their phone no and email address at the application instead of mine. I was completely unaware about the applications status.
    They get money from me for one year but i didn’t know about their fraud. Show me the fake what’s up message of application submittion appointment. The told me to wait for three months. For trc.
    But when i contact 157 and checked at theirs website they told me their is no TRC application on your Passport. They were so cruel. Threatening me as well upon when i ask them.
    I emailed to Pakistan consulate in Istanbul and they didn’t help me . I told to 157 they also not helps me.
    Then i decided to return to Pakistan but unfortunately i was fined. The visa violation staff didn’t heard my request and ban me for entering turkey for one year.
    This is terrible. There is no justice. There is no law?

  6. Hi, I am in Turkiet since may 2022 and my free staying 3 months visa will expire on 2nd of September. I applied for short term resident permit to stay in Turkiet and didn’t get a decision yet from the migration. I am sure the decision will be made after my current visa will be expired. So it is legal to stay in Turkiet during my waiting for permit decision even if the visa expires or I must go back home and wait for the decision be made and if approved then traveling back to Turkiet.

  7. Hello my Turkish visa is 30 days I came on 26th July and leaving on 26th August so I’m staying for 31 days since July is 31 days, will I get fined ?

  8. Hi,

    I was given a 5 years ban in 2014, so it should have been expired in 2019. this happened because i overstayed for a few days and didnt pay the administrative fees.

    now i am going to go to Turkey in September, what should i do?
    will i pay the feed in Istanbul airport? will i be forbidden from entering turkey for some reason?

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