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Ordu Pita Has Been Registered (What is Ordu Yaglisi?)

Ordu Pita Has Been Registered (What is Ordu Yaglisi?)

Turkish Patent and Trademark Office issued a registration certificate to Ordu pita, also known as Ordu yaglisi.

In the written statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the studies for obtaining geographical indications for the products that have gained a place in the city culture with their unique characteristics are continuing.

In the statement, with the initiatives of the Department of Agriculture and Livestock Services, Ordu pita was published in the Official Geographical Indication and Traditional Product Name Bulletin of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office dated February 1, 2023 and numbered 142 and registered as a geographically indicated product.

“Ordu pide” was used in the statement, which included the assessment that Ordu pide, which is consumed fondly by the people of Ordu and which is tasted and exported by local and foreign tourists when they come to the city, exceeds the borders of Turkey. country. Generally, it is produced as minced meat, cheese or cubed stuffed and cooked and cooked in a semi-open form attracts great attention.

Ordu Pita

It was informed that the number of products registered with geographical indication in the province increased to 14, together with Ordu pita, also known as Ordu oil, formerly Kabataş halva, Ordu Persembe walnut halva, Ordu highland beetroot (dürme). Kiwi, Ordu toast, Yalıköy meatballs, Ordu taflan pickle, Ordu wet mihlama, Ordu melocan roast, Ordu galdirik roast and Mesudiye dry bread (Mesudiye golita) are registered.

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