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Obscene Acts at the Courthouse!

Obscene Acts at the Courthouse!

In Colombia, a female judge gave a lap dance at a party after working hours. While the dissemination of the footage of those moments caused public outrage, the judge defended herself by saying, “We were having fun outside of working hours. There is nothing in the footage. I don’t think this is an obscene video.”

Footage has emerged of Vivian Polania, a judge in Cucuta, Colombia, giving an obscene lap dance to a man in the courthouse. After the reactions, Vivian defended herself by saying, “We were having fun outside of working hours.”


In the footage that caused outrage in the country, it is seen that the woman judge is seen to be feeding herself a waffle in a sensual way to the man with whom she is giving a lap dance. Meanwhile, courthouse employees watching the couple scream. While reactions to the video came one after another, Vivian defended her innocence by emphasizing that her actions took place outside of working hours.

Obscene Acts


Vivian, who paid for the dance herself, said, “We were invited to a Love and Friendship Day party, it was called a ‘colorful party’. I don’t think it was an obscene video, we were just having fun.”


This is not the first time Vivian has faced backlash. Last year, she was suspended for three months for appearing half-naked and smoking a cigarette during a video-linked hearing. And in 2020, she was investigated after sharing photos of herself in her underwear.

Obscene Acts at the Courthouse!

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  1. The male dancer is actually giving the woman judge the lap dance… Based upon the title of the article I expected see the judge dancing on him- that’s not what’s happening here.

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