Number of Foreign Nationals Residing in Istanbul Announced

Provincial Directorate of Migration Management announced how many foreign nationals live in Istanbul. While it was stated that there are 746 thousand 16 foreigners with legal residence permits, it was announced that a total of 1 million 294 thousand 124 foreigners legally reside in Istanbul, of which 548 thousand 108 are Syrians under temporary protection. The Directorate of Migration Management put the last point. In the statement, “All transactions regarding foreigners in Istanbul are carried out within the scope of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458. A total of 1 million 294 thousand 124, of which 746 thousand 16 foreigners currently have residence permits and 548 thousand 108 Syrians under temporary protection.” the foreigner is a legal resident.

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Illegal Immigrants Deported

In the continuation of the statement, “Foreigners who have the legal right to stay in our province can access the rights and services within the scope of the relevant legislation. Illegal immigrants who do not have the legal right to stay cannot benefit from any public service. As the illegal immigrants are detected by our law enforcement units as soon as possible, the necessary judicial and administrative “The procedures are being started and the deportation process is being implemented by our Directorate,” he said.

19 Thousand People Deported

In the statement, the following statements were made: “During the inspections carried out in our province since January, legal action has been taken against 94,708 illegal immigrants and 19.32 of them were deported directly from Istanbul Airport to their countries. In addition, 7 thousand 975 workplace plates belonging to foreigners throughout the province comply with our legislation, Bringing 5,768 workplace signs into compliance with the standards, and controlling the transactions regarding 2,207 workplace signs.

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