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New Covid-19 Quarantine Procedures in Turkey for 2022

With the Covid-19 pandemic that occured all over the world at the beginning of 2020, many countries have started to take different precautions. The pandemic has been tried to be brought under control, especially with practices such as quarantine and lockdown applied in the early period. In the last period of the same year, thanks to the vaccines developed in some countries such as China, Germany, and Russia, an increase in the level of immunity against the virus was observed, and the death rates visibly decreased. In addition, the social life, which had come to a standstill, gradually became active again, and people were able to return to their work and school within the framework of certain hygiene rules. Throughout this process, Turkey had implemented many measures under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and reorganized social life with certain rules. In this context, negative PCR test results were not requested from people who have been vaccinated with a double dose since the middle of 2021, while participating in collective activities and using public transportation between cities. However, if you do not have vaccines and are incomplete, you must show a negative PCR test for transportation or participation in public activities. As of 2022, significant changes have occurred in quarantine practices in Turkey. We will mention about the new procedures:

First of all, we can say that the most important regulation for the pandemic will not be quarantine application to people who have had a recall dose or who have been in close contact with Covid-19 who have survived the disease in the last 3 months. These people will be able to continue their lives by following their symptoms on a daily basis, within the framework of mask and hygiene rules. If they show symptoms, they will be able to apply to the nearest health institution and have a PCR test. In addition, the quarantine period has been reduced to 7 days for those who show mild symptoms from people who are positive for Covid-19. At the end of these seven days, the isolation of asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic individuals without severe fever will be terminated without the need for PCR testing.

7-Day Quarantine Procedure

In addition, with the update made to the circular on January 16, PCR testing will continue for people who will travel between cities by plane without vaccination or who have not completed the vaccination process and have not had the disease in the last 180 days. However, a 7-day quarantine will be applied to those who have not been given a reminder dose, have not had the disease in the last 3 months, or have been in close contact with those who have not been vaccinated. If no symptoms develop during this process, the quarantine process will be terminated without testing.

The statement also includes an extra regulation for those who serve high-risk people. The quarantine period of people who stay and serve in areas where high-risk people are cared for, such as elderly care homes and penitentiary institutions, who have not received a reminder dose, who have not had the disease in the last 3 months or who have not been vaccinated, will be in quarantine for 10 days. People serving high-risk people will not serve the risky group for 10 days, even if the quarantine period ends on the 7th day. In addition, the isolation period of people staying or serving in the said areas is recommended as 10 days for asymptomatic or mild illness.


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