National Wrestler Riza Kayaalp Made History! 5th Time World Champion

National wrestler Riza Kayaalp, who went down in history as the world champion for the 5th time in Greco-Roman style at the Seniors World Wrestling Championship, said, “I became the athlete who won the most gold medals in wrestling in Turkey. The athlete with the most medals in the history of our Republic. Being the athlete with the most medals.” left. I want to make the most of it. I want to bring new achievements to my country,” he said.

Competing in Greco-Roman style 130 kg at the Senior World Wrestling Championship held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, national wrestler Riza Kayaalp faced Iranian Amin Mirzazadeh in the final. The national wrestler won the gold medal by defeating his Iranian opponent with the final score after drawing 1-1. The successful athlete, who became the world champion for the 5th time, made history as the first Turkish wrestler to experience it.

Riza Kayaalp

“I am very happy and enjoyable”

Rİza Kayaalp made a statement to the press after the match. Expressing the happiness of receiving the gold medal, Kayaalp said, “I am very happy and joyful. I have always considered it a duty to represent this country in the best possible way. Raising this flag is my greatest wish and wish. I am working for this. Thank God I succeeded again.” “I became the wrestler with the most gold medals in Turkey. I received the title of the most decorated athlete in the history of our Republic. I am also proud of being the athlete with the most medals. I have 1.5 years left. I want to make the most of it and bring new successes to my country.” I want it,” he said.

Riza Kayaalp

The next target is the European championship and the Olympic championship. If God wills, I hope it will happen,” he said.

“Proud to be the champion as a team”

Expressing that he is proud to be the champion as a team, Kayaalp said, “I am very happy. We became champions as a team in the first World Championship I attended in 2009. I participated in the World Championship for the 10th time since 2009. We became champions again. It is also important to be champion as a team.” proud,” he said.

Riza Kayaalp

“A gift to my child and my wife”

Rİza Kayaalp, who said that he gifted the gold medal to his wife and child, concluded his words as follows: “For a week, his mother has been sending me videos. He is walking around the house saying 5 5 5 with my hand. The weather. I present it to my child and my wife. They experienced a lot of stress. We also scared the match a little. Beautiful. It’s over. I hope they didn’t get too excited.”

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