NASA Wants to Build a Pipeline on the Moon

NASA is considering building an oxygen pipeline at the Moon’s south pole.

While NASA is making plans to set foot on the Moon again with the Artemis missions it will organize in the coming years, it has to deal with various problems in order to survive on the surface.

NASA has considered whether to use an oxygen pipeline to efficiently transport oxygen to various locations around the Moon’s south pole for its upcoming Artemis missions.

Officially called the Lunar South Pole Oxygen Pipeline (LSPOP), the project will connect to NASA’s lunar ice removal center at the Moon’s south pole.

Why Land At The South Pole Of The Moon

NASA, China, and Russia are aiming for the Moon’s south pole, as the Moon has huge amounts of ice and other resources just below its surface.

This ice will form an important part of NASA’s plans to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon. Because the ice here can be extracted and converted into drinking water and oxygen, which can be used for breathing and as rocket fuel.

The lunar pipeline concept will not only provide continuous access to oxygen for lunar settlers, but also significantly reduce oxygen transport costs.

If NASA eventually gives the green light to this project for the Artemis Moon missions, the pipes will be built in sections on the Moon before they are fully assembled.

The pipeline will likely be made of aluminum, which is abundant at the Moon’s south pole.

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