NASA’s Artemi 1 Mission Successful! Orion Returned to Earth

NASA’s unmanned Artemis 1 mission has been successfully completed. The Orion spacecraft used in the mission safely landed in the Pacific Ocean after a historic mission around the Moon.

The Artemi 1 mission, which is the first leg of the program that NASA aims to send humans to the Moon again, has been successfully completed. The Orion spacecraft, which will carry crews on the next mission, returned to Earth last night after visiting lunar orbit, ensuring a safe landing in the Pacific Ocean off Baja California, Mexico.

Of course, the Orion capsule’s return to Earth was not as easy as it seemed. Because while the capsule was coming towards the Earth, it reached a speed of 39,422 km / h (24,500 mph) per hour, while at the same time the heat shield of the vehicle reached a temperature of 2760 °C (5000 F). Orion traveled a total of 1.4 million miles (2,253,082 km) in space over 25.5 days.

NASA also experimented with a new planetary penetration testing technique on Orion’s landing. This technique makes it easier for the spacecraft to land at the designated location. When Orion enters the upper atmosphere of the Earth, it makes a short jump for maneuver, thus reaching the desired target or range. NASA likens this technique to bouncing a stone over water in a river.

What Will Happen Now?

Now that Orion is back on the ground, NASA will begin collecting data from sensor-equipped dummies on board to prepare for future missions involving humans. NASA’s second Artemis mission, scheduled for 2024, will send a group of astronauts around the Moon. The agency plans to eventually re-land humans on the Moon’s surface during Artemis III. However, this mission is expected to be completed in 2025 or 2026 at the earliest.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in a statement, “From the launch of the world’s most powerful rocket to an extraordinary journey around the Moon and return to Earth, this flight test is a big step forward in Artemis Moon exploration. Today, NASA, the United States, our international partners and A great victory for all humanity.”

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