Namlı Gurme’ye – Shop for Real Gourmets

Our gastronomic tour of Istanbul began with the Namlı Gurme’ye store. After all, if you ask the locals where you can buy the best delicacies, they will certainly tell you the name Namlı Gurme’ye.

Namlı Gurme’ye is not just a shop, but also a cafe where you can enjoy a delicious brunch. There is everything here, from an infinite number of interesting cheeses, to 28 types of olives and 90 types of olive oil. Various sweets, honey, meat, nuts and spices, and other imported delicacies vividly decorate the shelves of this store. Any gourmet will find food to his taste here. Everything is very appetizing and fresh. The principle of this institution is “The best quality is the best taste!”. Only fresh products are presented in the cafe’s showcase, you can choose the dish you like, pay for it and immediately try it, and then buy another portion for home to treat your family.

The store is located in the heart of shopping, in the Karakoy district (address Kemankeş Cad. Katotopark altı No:29/A Karaköy Beyoğlu İstanbul). The store is easy to recognize by the queue, which is almost always there. Locals are especially fond of it, on weekends they come here with the whole family, ordering an unusual breakfast and choosing a large thermos of tea to spend time in the cafe until lunch.

The prices in the shop – cafe are very pleasant. Depending on what you have chosen, you will pay from 120 – 160 tl for breakfast for two. Cheese in the store will cost you from 120 – 320 tl per 1 kg, meat prices for 1 kg from 180 – 500 tl, and the maximum price for olives will reach 90 tl per kg.

If you are a real gourmet and want to diversify your usual meal, then we definitely advise you to visit the Namlı Gurme’ye store and spend Sunday brunch in it.

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You can read this article in Russian language : Namlı Gurme’ye – Магазин для настоящих гурманов

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