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Mysterious Voice from Underground

Sounds from underground in Siirt caused concern. The incident that started in Meydandere village two weeks ago has now moved to Akyayla village. Citizens say that they felt tremors that lasted for a few seconds after the sound. AFAD continues its investigations for the detection of the mysterious event.

After the central Meydandere village of Siirt, the headman of Akyayla village of Tillo district applied to the Provincial Disaster and Emergency (AFAD) Directorate with the allegation that there was an underground voice.

Upon the application of the citizens living in the Merkez Meydandere village, claiming that there had been sounds from underground for about 2 weeks and that there were tremors that lasted for a few seconds, an application came from the Akyayla village to AFAD, which conducted an investigation in the village on 31 July.

In his application, the headman of Akyayla village, which is about 3.5 kilometers from Meydandere village, stated that there was an underground noise at around 23.30 on August 9 and that they felt a few seconds of shaking, and requested an investigation.


Akyayla village headman, Halit Aygun, said that while he was lying in the house, he heard a noise and experienced a jolt.

Aygun said, “It was as if the columns of the house were broken. We thought that the houses would fall on us. All the villagers felt it and went out of their houses. When it didn’t happen again, we went to our houses.”

Explaining that they were worried and applied to AFAD, Aygün stated that they wanted the source of this noise and shock to be identified as soon as possible and the problem to be resolved.

Umayittin Aygun, one of the citizens living in the village, said that the tremor he felt twice before was more effective this time.

Stating that the sound he heard was similar to the “explosion sound”, Aygun stated that they thought it was an earthquake, but that there were no cracks or visible effects on the houses.

Sadik Akti said that while they were chatting with his family on the balcony, they were shaken by a frightening sound.

Stating that he had never heard such a sound before, Akti said, “It was a frightening sound. I experienced an earthquake before. I don’t think it has anything to do with the earthquake.”

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