Muradiye Waterfall, Van

Muradiye Waterfall is undoubtedly one of the must-see places in Van. Muradiye Waterfall, located in the central Muradiye district of Van, is 80 km from the city center. It is possible to reach Muradiye Waterfall, which is flooded by local and foreign tourists every season of the year, with your own vehicle and bus. To Muradiye Waterfall; You can go in an hour with the Muradiye cars (8 TL) departing from the district terminal in the Akköprü neighborhood of the center of Van. It is also possible to go by buses (8 TL) departing from the new road. You can easily go with your own vehicle. On the way to Erciş district from Van, after about 60 km, turn from the Muradiye Waterfall sign on the right and reach Muradiye Waterfall, which is 20 kilometers ahead. How to Go to Muradiye Waterfall How to Go to Muradiye Waterfall Before you reach Muradiye Waterfall, you will embark on a wonderful journey with the waters coming from Bendi Mahi creek and resembling a small waterfall through the mountains. When you reach the waterfall, you will find peace with its cool air and the sound of water resembling a unique composition. While crossing the wooden suspension bridge built over the water at Muradiye Waterfall, which takes on a different beauty every season of the year, you will be overwhelmed by the excitement of the swinging bridge due to its magnificent view and crowd. While crossing this bridge, you can take unique photos accompanied by the waterfall view and beautiful memories. Thanks to its strong intelligence, the magnificent view of the waterfall will fascinate you. It is a place ready to be fascinated in summer and spring, not only with its waterfall view, but also with its natural wonders, flowers and green surroundings.

The green trees around it and the chirping of the birds on it reveal all the beauty of nature. It will make you experience the natural beauties you miss with both the sound, the coolness and the unique appearance of the waterfall water. The frozen waters of the waterfall in winter create a wonderful sight. In addition, ponds resembling small streams form small ponds next to waterfalls. When these ponds freeze in winter, they almost resemble an ice rink. Where is Muradiye Waterfall Muradiye Waterfall Both sides of the picnic area divided by the waterfall have a different beauty. When you cross the bridge, you will see the picnic areas with a waterfall view, which attracts great attention from the public. You can have a picnic with your family with barbecue and samovar in the picnic area. It is possible to have a wonderful picnic among the chirping of birds, the harmony of water and the scent of daisies. There is a market and a restaurant at Muradiye Waterfall. Here, you can enjoy a pan roast with the view of the waterfall. You should enjoy drinking tea accompanied by the music created by the sound of water coming from the waterfall. Muradiye Waterfall Muradiye Waterfall While returning from Muradiye Waterfall, I recommend you to see the devil’s bridge, which has a magnificent view.

Located 1 km downstream of Muradiye Waterfall, the Devil’s Bridge is a historical bridge built over the Bend-i Mahi Stream. This bridge provides the passage to the surrounding villages over the stream. This bridge, which has a very narrow architectural structure, is considered the devil’s bridge due to this structure and being on the bridge of the cliff. According to what is said among the people, it was called the Devil’s Bridge because the wedding convoy fell into the cliff under the bridge while trying to pass to the opposite village and died. When you see the bridge, you will understand why it is called the Devil’s Bridge with its narrow structure and the majestic view of the water flowing wildly under it. If you like to experience moments full of andralin, you can cross the bridge and take pictures. I recommend you to see Muradiye Waterfall and Devil’s Bridge, where you will witness magnificent views and have a pleasant time

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