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Munzur Valley National Park is an area of 42,000 hectares in the Munzur Valley, which lies between Tunceli and Ovacık. It was declared as a national park in 1971. Rich natural data, especially river resources and springs, endemic plant species and animal species unique to the region have a great effect on the declaration of this region as a national park. Munzur Water, which rises in the Munzur Mountains in the form of large springs near Ovacik district, is mixed with the Euphrates River. Munzur Water, which also takes the Coral Water coming from the east, shelters the famous trout in its part up to Tunceli city center. The national park, dominated by oak trees, hosts creatures such as bears, wolves, foxes, wild goats, and hook-horned mountain goats, otters. The unique natural view and all wildlife can be easily watched in every corner of the national park. The Munzur Valley National Park is very rich in vegetation flora in 1518 has been detected in a variety of plants, of which 43 varieties of the Munzur mountains, consists of 227 varieties endemic to Turkey. The dominant tree species in the national park is oak and its various species. The non-rocky places on the hills and slopes are covered with oak forests. There is a rich vegetation consisting of elm, maple, ash, sycamore, vine, birch, walnut, wild hazelnut, poplar, willow and shrubs on the valley floor and in the water lengths. Camping facilities are also available in the Munzur valley national park. Especially campers from eastern Anatolia benefit from the camping facilities here. You can rent a tent in the Munzur Valley National Park and you can camp as much as you want by entering this national park with your own tent. Camping facilities in the Munzur Valley National Park are also quite high. You can use these facilities to meet your shower and toilet needs.

How to Get to Munzur Valley National Park?

You can reach the Munzur valley national park both by private car and by public transport. After arriving at the city center of Tunceli, it is possible to reach this valley easily by going to Munzur district and using public transportation. If you want, you can reach the Munzur valley national park with the help of minibus or bus and spend time in this park. Visitors who want to come with a private vehicle must first follow the Munzur signs. You can connect to the motorway from here by following the Munzur signs and you can see the signs that say Munzur valley national park. In this way, you can quickly reach this national park with your private vehicle.different species of wild boars, foxes and turtles around the lake. This is the habitat of the whiteheaded duck, which are also endangered in winter. Since it is a tectonic crater lake, Salda’s water is rich in soda and magnesium. The secret of that unique white beach is magnesium. All of them are good for skin and hair. Since its sand is also clayey, it is very suitable for mud bath, which is very good for the skin. Salda lake is one of the most popular destinations for campers, caravaners and cyclists. Every year, the most enthusiastic part of camping festivals is experienced here. Salda Lake is located in Yeşilova District of Burdur. It takes 4 km, that is, around 5 minutes, to go to Salda from the district center. In order to reach Salda Lake from Burdur, you can reach from Burdur bus station with Yeşilova tourism’s Yeşilova buses for 17 TL per person in a period of 1.5 hours.

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