Mudanya Public Hospital

Mudanya Public Hospital

The history of the district is based on the 7th century BC. It is known that its first name is Myrlea. It was founded by the founders of Gemlik and Erdek, which are 12 Ionian city states. Occasionally invaded, the city was destroyed by the Macedonian Emperor Philip the 5th (Philippos), and a new city was built in its place, called Apameia. This city was also occupied and was reconstructed and named Montania. It is believed that the name of Mudanya comes from here. Mudanya was conquered by Orhan Bey in 1321 and joined the Ottoman lands. After the Mondros Armistice, Mudanya Town was first invaded by the British. However, this occupation did not last even a day after the Gendarmerie Corporal Şükrü Sergeant killed a British Army major and a soldier at the pier where the British Marine Corps landed. 11 days after this incident that took place on June 25, 1920, the Greeks replaced the British army. Having remained under enemy occupation for more than 2 years, Mudanya survived the Greek occupation on September 12, 1922.

The hospital was established in 1937 by charitable businessman Hayri İpar on behalf of her mother, Şaziye Rüştü Hanım, as a Health Dormitory. The institution, which carried out its service as a health center, later became a 15-bed Health Center. In 1984, it was converted into a 25-bed Public Hospital. In 1991, the hospital gained the status of a 50-bed State Hospital and its staff was relatively completed.

In line with the policies and legislation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, the mission of Mudanya Public Hospital is to provide qualified health services that are respectful to people and the environment by adhering to ethical principles, and which reflect the Digital and Technological Developments Continuously Renewal.

The vision of Mudanya Public Hospital is to increase the quality of life of the society, with a high motivation and team spirit, where patient and employee satisfaction is at the highest level, Focused on perfection, and present the ever-increasing and continuously improving healthcare services with the latest innovations reached by medicine, based on examination and diagnosis, in a standard and high quality.

The aim of Mudanya Public Hospital is to provide effective, effective and promised services in accordance with quality standards based on patient, employee satisfaction and employee safety.

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Neurosurgery (Brain and Nerve Surgery),

Child Health and Diseases,

Skin and Venereal Diseases,

Dentistry (General Dental),

Infectious Diseases (Infectious Diseases),

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation,

General Surgery,

Chest Diseases,

Eye Diseases,

Internal Diseases (Internal Medicine) ,

Gynecology and Obstetrics,




Orthopedics and Traumatology,



Cessation Clinic,



You can reach Mudanya Public Hospital by using 2/M, 2/MU, B/36-C bus lines.

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