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Mount Spil National Park is a national park in Turkey in Manisa and Izmir is located within the city limits. Covering the Spil Mountain and its surroundings, the park was declared on April 22, 1968. Mount Spil National Park is one of the most important nature and winter holiday spots of the coastal Aegean. The Mount Spil National Park region has a fodder green texture in spring and summer and a white texture in winter. In Manisa, there are options such as camping, trekking, picnic, and accommodation on Mount Spil. Spil is one of the most important natural beauties of Manisa province. When you come to the city of Manisa, you can feel a fresh air effect even in the summer months. The reason for this is Mount Spil. The mountain is very valuable with its largely unspoiled nature and its texture that includes endemic species. It is especially important for mushroom species, rosehip, chestnut and pine species. It is under protection with its stream beds, valleys, wild horses and wild goats. The fact that there are many caves causes cavers to come to the mountain. Spil Sülük Lake is also an important haunt for those who want to collect leeches. The flower type known as Spil tulip or Manisa tulip and a type of crocus are the unique values of the region. Mount Spil National Park has accommodation areas known as tree houses or Spil bungalows. You can book accommodation in Spil treehouses operated by the park management. Each of the houses has private gardens. It consists of kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living rooms with fireplace. With their wide verandas, you can plan a pleasant nature holiday with your family or friends in these houses. You can stay in Spil bungalows with your friends in the spring and have a pleasant time with activities such as relaxing in nature, hiking, ringing the beauty of the forest, and enjoying a barbecue. It can also be an enjoyable alternative in winter.

How to Get to Mount Spil National Park?

Access to the Mount Spil National Park is easy. Since Mount Spil National Park is located close to the center of Manisa, you can reach it by public transport or private vehicles. It is possible to reach it faster with private vehicles compared to public transport. After arriving at the city center, you can reach the Mount Spil National Park in as little as 50 minutes by using public transportation.
It is a mountain located exactly 25 kilometers from Manisa and 50 kilometers from Izmir’s city center. It will be more convenient to come to the Mount Spil National Park by private vehicles. Because public transportation will be a difficult option to reach this mountain.

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