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The national park area, which was declared a national park in 1995 and located in the southeast of Denizli province, forms a border with Honaz district, Karateke, Menteşe Village in the north and Cankurtaran settlements in the west. Mount Honaz is the highest mountain of Denizli with an altitude of 2528 m, as well as the Aegean Region, and is located at the western end of the Taurus Mountains. Its northern slopes extend to the left tributary of the Büyük Menderes River, while the southern slopes extend to the Dalaman Stream basin, which is the origin of the Acıpayam Plain. Geomorphological importance of the region comes first among the resource values of the national park. Mount Honaz is one of the few places in the Aegean Region where periglacial conditions prevail. For this reason, there are geomorphological shapes that characterize many periglacial conditions on the mountain. As the main group of shapes, the region extends in the form of a horst. It has gained a very steep appearance as a result of tectonics and icing. Honaz National Park and 964 plant species are identified, 122 of it endemic to Turkey. 3 plant species (honeybee, mullein, saffron) that grow only on Mount Honaz have been identified in the world. In Mount Honaz National Park, which is rich in wildlife, especially mountain goats are abundant. There are also wild boars, rabbits, foxes and badgers. It is also possible to come across a very venomous snake species in Honaz Mountain National Park. The vegetation cover of the northern and southern fronts on Mount Honaz is different from each other. The northern front is completely open to the Büyük Menderes Plain, has a steep slope, and the base elevation rises abruptly from 500 m. This facade is under the influence of the Mediterranean climate and is covered with evergreen shrubs and trees. The south facade starts from 1000-1300 m. This facade is under the influence of the continental climate and the slopes are still quite steep, but it is stony, barren and treeless.
Honaz district is one of the leading places in our country in cherry growing. A festival has been held every year since 1991, after a period of interruption in order to introduce the cherry firstly throughout the country and then abroad. Various activities are organized in these festivals, especially oil wrestling.

How to get to Mount Honaz National Park?

Mount Honaz National Park can be reached from two main points, north and south. The northern entrance of the national park is from Honaz district and the southern entrance is from the point where the Cankurtaran excursion area is.

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