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Mount Ararat National Park, which has the highest volcanic mountain in Europe and the second  largest in the world with a height of 5137 meters, is a world-popular route with its natural beauties and unique scenery. National park was established at a point of intersection of Iran and Nakhichevan, Armenia and Turkey border. Turkey’s largest glacier can be seen from the mountain’s summit. Since 2004, 88 thousand 104 hectares of land covering Mount Ararat and its surroundings are under the protection of the national park. You can see the meteor pit, the second largest hole in the world, within the borders of the national park. Mount Ararat National Park is visited by countless people every year with its wetlands, rich flora and fauna, different land formations and impressive nature. The 3896 m high Little mount Ararat known as the Strato volcanic mountain, is located in the east of the national park. One of the most popular parts of Mount Ararat National Park is the 60-meterdeep, 35-meter-wide meteor pit formed as a result of a meteor fall in the Korhan Plateau. Studies show that this pit was formed as a result of karstic melting. There are many plant species whose names are not heard in the national park. In the national park, the wild nature is preserved with great precision intact. You can see important species such as eagle, hawk, vulture, fox, wolf, wild sheep, viper, trout and carp in the national park. For those who are interested in activities such as wildlife observing, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, photography and visual arts, Mount Ararat National Park is one of the special places where you can have a pleasant time. It is possible to stay in Mount Ararat National Park with a caravan and tent. At the same time, there are accommodation facilities in Ağrı and Iğdır city centers and Doğubayazıt district. Mount Ararat National Park entrance fee is 5 TL per person and the discounted version is 2.50 TL. If you want to stay in a tent, it costs 25 TL per day, and 33 TL per day for a caravan.

How to get to Mount Ararat National Park

Mount Ararat National Park is 11 km from Ağrı Doğubayazıt district, 40 km from Iğdır and 100 km from Ağrı. It is possible to reach these cities from Turkey’s certain centers by using the airports or bus in Ağrı or Iğdır. You can rent a car from the city center to easily explore the national park.
Transportation to the national park by car is provided from Ağrı Doğubayazıt district. Mount Ararat National Park is about 14 hours from Ankara, 1.159 km, about 18 hours from Istanbul and 1.526 km from Izmir, about 22 hours.

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