Mosaic Exhibition of Eros Riding Hippocampus in Adana

At the Adana Archeology Museum, 16 mosaics from the Roman periods, thought to have been made between the 2nd and 6th centuries, take its visitors on a historical journey in Turkey.

With the restoration of the Centennial National Textile Factory, the Adana Archeology Museum opened its first phase in 2017, and with the completion of the restoration in 2018, mosaic exhibition areas were created in two hangars.

In the mosaic hall “Hippocampus and Eros”, “The Kingdom of Peace”, “Noah’s Ark”, “Anavarza Tethys”, “The Ovary Tethys”, “Offering to Artemis”, “Orpheus”, “Dirke’s Punishment”, “Victory of Neptune”, “Useful”, “Sugözü”, “Sea”, “Hunting Scene”, “Üççam”, “Dancing Women” and “Geometric Decoration Floor” are presented to the visitors.

The “Hippocampus and Eros Mosaic”, which depicts two Eros (cupids) fishing with fishing lines on two Hippocampus (seahorses), and sea creatures, found on the floor of a villa belonging to the Roman Period in the Ancient City of Aigeai in the district of Yumurtalik, is among the most striking mosaics of the hall. is located.

The mosaic, which is considered to be made by a good master with its color transitions, depth perception and delicacy in the art of depiction, is also the only example among the mosaics previously unearthed in Turkey with the Hippocampus depiction on which the Eros are mounted.

Different Descriptions in Mosaics

The animals are peacefully depicted, and in Greek, “The wolf grazes with the lamb, the leopard lies next to the kid, the calf eats the lion’s food, the bull and the bear graze side by side.” The “Peace Kingdom Mosaic” is among the interesting works of the museum.

In the hall, two Tethys Mosaics found in Kozan and Yumurtalik districts Adana attract attention with their different descriptions.

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