“Monkeypox Is More Dangerous To Children”

Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Kivanc Serefhanoglu said, “The symptoms of the disease last 2-4 weeks and usually heal on their own without the need for treatment. However, the disease can also be severe and lead to complications such as lung infection, sepsis, brain infection, corneal infection (which can cause blindness). It can have a more serious course in children. The disease can cause death between 3-6 percent,” he said.

The incubation period of the infection (from the infection of the virus to the appearance of symptoms) is usually 6-13 days, but it can vary between 5-21 days. Dr. Kivanc Serefhanoglu shared the following information:

“The symptoms of this disease are similar to smallpox (smallpox), which was declared extinct in the world in 1980. Monkeypox is a less contagious and milder disease than smallpox. The disease is often manifested by fever, muscle pain, fatigue, skin rash and enlarged lymph nodes, and can lead to a number of serious problems. Rashes are seen more intensely on the face and arms and legs. These rashes can also be seen in the mouth and eyelid mucosa; It can start as flat on the skin and take the form of blisters and fluid-filled vesicles and inflamed wounds. Disease symptoms last 2-4 weeks and usually resolve on their own without treatment. However, the disease can also be severe and lead to complications such as lung infection, sepsis, brain infection, corneal infection (which can cause blindness). Serious cases are more common in children. It can cause death between 3-6 percent.”

Stating that Monkeypox Virus is an infectious disease caused by a DNA virus, Serefhanoglu said, “This disease is mainly seen in animals in the tropical rain forests of Central and West Africa and can sometimes spread to other regions. The main animals with the virus are rodents and primates (monkey, gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan).” he said.

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Underlining that the disease is not actually new among people, it was first detected in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Prof. Dr. Kivanc Serefhanoglu pointed out that it has been seen in rural areas and rain forests of the country since then, and recently it has spread to people outside the region with an increasing frequency.


Stating that monkeypox infection has been seen in 11 African countries (Benin, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cote d’lyoire, Liberia, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and South Sudan) since 1970, Prof. Dr. Kivanc Serefhanoglu said, “Monkey pox has become an important disease in terms of public health around the world, since it also appears outside of Africa today. In 2003, it caused an epidemic in the USA with over 70 cases. The disease has been seen in people traveling to Turkey,” he said.


Noting that the disease is transmitted to humans by close contact with a patient or animal carrying the virus and contact with contaminated materials, Prof. Dr. Kivanc Serefhanoglu said, “The transmission of the virus from person to person is through close contact with infected materials such as disease wounds, body fluids such as saliva, blood, sputum and sheets. In pregnant women, it can be transmitted from mother to baby through the placenta.”


Stating that the diagnosis is made by looking at the samples taken from the skin lesions by PCR method, Prof. Dr. Kivanc Serefhanoglu said, “The vaccines used for smallpox are also effective against monkeypox. Therefore, those who have smallpox are protected against this disease or have a milder disease. A new vaccine for monkeypox has also been produced and put into use. Tecovirimat, which is used for smallpox an antiviral drug called monkeypox has also been approved for use,” he said.


Giving information about the methods of prevention of the disease, Prof. Dr. Kivanc Serefhanoglu said, “In order to protect from monkeypox virus, close contact should be avoided in suspicious cases, materials such as sheets and towels belonging to the patient should not be touched with bare hands, if possible. A mask should be worn in case of close contact with the patient.”

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  1. Is this the US 2022 Midterm Virus? So we have lockdowns, closures, quarantines, contact tracing, social distancing, masks, mandated vaccines, etc, AGAIN?
    Mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, voting by proxy, etc. Just like 2020.
    Gotta win ANY WAY you can.
    Covid 19 and variants came from a lab in China. Brought here by people coming in from affected areas.
    Is monkey pox being brought in by infected illegals crossing our non-existant southern border? People from over 150 countries that they know of have come in. Hmmmm. How many deaths will this cause?

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