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Monica Bellucci to Go to the Theater Stage in Turkey

The world-famous star Monica Belluci is coming to Turkey for the first time with her one-man theater (Maria Callas: Letters and Memories), which features unknown details and interesting stories about the life of Maria Callas, written and directed by Tom Volf.

It was adapted for the stage by the famous Greek soprano Maria Callas, who has the most fascinating, rarest and saddest voice of all time, from the book Maria by Callas by Tom Volf.

After the tickets of Belluci, which will take the stage on December 14, are sold out in a short time, the famous artist will meet with the audience on the evening of December 15, in collaboration with Zorlu PSM and Piu Entertainment.

Crowning her success in her film career with the title of the most beautiful woman in the world, for which she was chosen several times, Monica Bellucci has become one of the most famous faces of international cinema. The 57-year-old actress will stage her new project Lettres et Mémoires by Maria Callas in the continuation of her career.

Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs, which is preparing to appear before the audience with the performance of Italian actress Monica Bellucci, who meticulously interprets the power and fragility of the world-famous unforgettable soprano, is beyond Callas’ reputation, just like where Maria came from, how she gained her fame, friendships and friendships. tells about their love.

From the humble childhood of Maria Callas in New York to the war years in Athens, from her prudent stance in opera to her career marred by scandals and personal troubles, the most profound and touching story of the greatest voice of the 20th century will take the stage. Monica Bellucci’s photo.

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