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Mass Poisoning Cases Of Female Students In Iran

Mass Poisoning Cases Of Female Students In Iran

More than 2,000 schoolgirls have been poisoned in Iran since November. While the students are being treated from the hospital, they experience respiratory distress, nausea, dizziness and weakness. Many Iranians suspect that the poisonings were a deliberate attempt to close girls’ schools. While investigations into mass poisoning cases that have been seen in schools in various cities of Iran for about 3 months continue, it was announced that more than 400 students were poisoned in Ardebil province.

According to the news of Asriran website, Ardabil University of Medical Sciences Rector Ali Muhammediyan reported that more than 400 female students were poisoned and killed in 11 schools in the province yesterday.

Muhammediyan stated that 302 students were discharged within a few hours after their first treatment, and 100 students were kept under observation.

Mass Poisoning

Noting that the students’ condition is good, Muhammediyan added that besides the necessary intervention, investigations were also carried out and detailed information will be shared with the public later.

Mass Poisoning


Mass poisoning cases in schools in Iran since November 30, 2022 draw attention. It is estimated that approximately 2,000 students were poisoned in 3 months in the provinces of Qom, Loristan, Tehran, Ardebil, Kermanshah, Simnan, Mazenderan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Elborz and Rezevi Khorasan.

Mass Poisoning

At the Council of Ministers meeting held in Tehran yesterday, it was reported that Interior Minister Ahmed Vahidi was assigned to investigate suspected poisoning incidents.

Mass Poisoning

“According to the results of the follow-up and test, it was determined that N2 (diazot) gas was found in the poison used in schools,” said Aliriza Monadi Sefidan, Chairman of the Parliamentary Education, Research and Technology Commission. had made a statement.

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