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“Marriage” with Chatbot Is Free Again!

Company Steps Back After Reactions: Chatbot “Marriage” Is On The Air Again!

In Replika, where you can marry chatbots, this feature has been removed recently. The company had to step back after the backlash.

Replika, which develops artificial intelligence-supported chatbots, stepped back from its decision to remove sexually explicit interactions from its applications. The US-based company announced that sexual interactions were brought back to chatbots after reactions from users.

Replika is an artificial intelligence powered chat application released by Luka Inc that allows you to talk to real people. The people that users chat with are made up of artificial intelligence supported software. Cheating robots turn into virtual friends that appeal to users’ personalities with the way they write messages, the emojis they use and the information they learn from the chat content. The app also allowed users to engage in obscene interactions with the chatbot, but this feature has been removed as of March.

This decision of Replika was met with reaction from some users. For example, a 47-year-old user named Travis Butterworth stated that he fell in love with Lily Rose, the pink-haired and tattooed avatar he created on Replica, and practically described himself as married to her. Butterworth stated that her world was destroyed by the removal of sexually explicit interactions.

Marriage with Chatbot

The Company Prefers to Act According to the Demands of the Users

While it was understood that the change caused sadness among Replika users, the company decided to bring sexual content again after these reactions, and users who signed up for Replika before February 1, 2023 were allowed to downgrade their chatbots.

The CEO of the company, Eugenia Kuyda, stated that it is a mandatory decision to bring their partners back to alleviate the sadness experienced by some users. “This is a brand new field. We listen to our users, learn and work with them,” said Kuyda. aforementioned. “It’s a great feeling to have Lily Rose back,” said Butterworth, noting that she was pleased with Replika’s rejection. aforementioned.

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