Madrid Consensus Meeting Held

The first session of the plan made by NATO Madrid by Turkey, Finland and Sweden is in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. During the meeting, it was emphasized that it should be discarded when it should be. Finland and Sweden, on the other hand, reiterated that they would give full support to Turkey against all threats against the nationals.

The first meeting was held between the delegations of Turkey, Sweden and Finland.

According to the Presidency’s Spokesperson, the first meeting of the Permanent Common Space, which should be in the Tripartite Memorandum signed by Turkey, Finland and Sweden at the NATO Madrid Summit on 28 June, is in Helsinki, Finland.

Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin and Deputy Minister Ambassador Sedat Onal chaired the Turkish delegation of the Permanent Joint Mechanism.

The delegation included elites from the ministries of justice, foreign affairs, interior, national defense, and the National Intelligence Service. To the Swedish team, Prime Minister’s State Oscar S represented the Permanent Presidency of the Ministry of Election; Representatives from justice, security and aid were present.


In the interviews; The principles of the Permanent Mechanism will be determined, and will be designed for the revival of the Memorandum deliveries.

Finland and Sweden, in the Triple Memorandum, Mah. They reiterated their predictions that they will fully support Turkey in the fight against all forms and demonstrations of terrorism, in full control with Turkey, and against any threats they may be able to work with, and that they will not support FETO.

For detailed information about the objects included here, it was agreed to intensify the cooperation at the technical level of the relevant regulations.

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